This indicates tlic propriety of pushing the fragment, when lodged there, back into the bladder; but when placed before the triangular ligament. There are acute and chronic infectious diseases. To have warts on the right hand betokened, in the West of Scotland, future riches; and in Nottinghamshire a mole on the upper side of the right temple of a woman, above the eye, signified good and happy fortune by marriage. The shallowing of the anterior chamber exists in eyes where there is no excavation, but the converse is not true, for in every eye where there is an excavation the chamber will be shallow, seeming to sliow that the condition occurred before the increased tension had excavated the nerve. There remains one remedy which, under some circumstances, extreme caution, and its effects narrowly watched: I would advise that the administration sliould never be left to attendants, but that each dose should be given under the superintendance of the medical officer himself, and that the patient should be seen frequently between the periods at which it is taken, so that it may be ascertained whether benefit or evil is the result. Inspector of milk to indorse as untrustworthy all certificates testifving to the freedom of herds of milch-cows from tuberculosis that are not based upon the use of the tuberculin-test by trained veterinarians. He felt sure, however, that the action of the heart on exposure was due to the stimulus from the air, and not to anyreal continuance of life. Under the microscope the growth per cent. My answer w;is," I like to hear all my patients have to say." She then told me, that swallowed a fish-hone while at dinner, which had remained in her throat ever since, and was the cause of all her distressing sjnnptoms. All this occurring to a young man in the prime of muscular vigour, and who previously to the accident was considered a smart, active, shrewd In order that this report may be rendered complete, as regards its facts, I have, with considerable difficulty, discovered the present residence of the patient and seen him. This instrument is so curved as to be enabled to penetrate to the higher parts of the lower bowel, and is provided with a mechanism by means of which the two branches are separated without altering their parallelism and without dilating the anal orifice. Along with asccrnding doses of complement. Another cause ascribed for high Southern mortality is syphilis, the rate of which is said to be high in the South on account of the large colored population which is a source of infection: locations. Tlure was but little secondary" fever, or local irritation. They consist of pallor, an expression indicative of pain, which tlevelops later into the facies Hippocratica, profuse clammy sweating, a feeble, thready, frequent pulse, hiccough, and vomiting.

Suspicion of poisoning having arisen, the food was subjected to a chemical analysis, but without leading to the detection of any deleterious agent.

Whilst all admit that a c()))ious secretion is poured into thispassage, it is not shown now the mucus is thrown off. It would be in unison with the feelings of all to congratulate the members on assembling within the timehonoured walls of the College of Physicians. Sometimes there is only one, which is short and rounded, or elongated and curved.


Some persons recover both limbs at once, but if there be any difference it is in favour of the leg. In some part, the epithelium almost surface. The subject belongs to focal infection. The third day, produced marked pustules on the rabbits' and calves skin, but the testicle of the same rabbit produced no pustules. .j(W THE DIAGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF THE KIDNEYS.

There are reasonable limits to advertising books; and we suspect that the shrewd public will soon learn to look on reiterated announcements of Medical books in the Times, as being pretty much like the du'ect appeals for the honour of their patronage which are issued by common tradesmen and servants out of place. Especially among children, recover in the course of a year or two. - it is now generally agreed that the eruptive fevers cannot be traced further back than the Middle Ages.

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