Successful candidates are required to become general students of the School. He has been of a constipated habit. Examining into this more minutely, -I cannot help feeling, as I have before said, that there is organic disease or constitutional weakness of some kind predisposing in the first place to the disease, and afterwards protracting or preventing cure; while in healthier patients, or children, for instance, the reaction or recuperative power is unchanged, and though struck down by the disease, cold and lead-coloured, they have in some ijistances made striking recoveries. Having smeared the entire mucous surface with olive oil, I returned it by means of a regular taxis, and the patient was placed in a cool sitz-bath, a compress of linen having been fixed on the anal region so as to prevent the protusion of the mucous tumour. After this condition had appeared in the urine, though albumin was entirely absent; and there was increased bloodpressure. In these brief pages it has been impossible to go fully into a subject so new and so large, but it is the earnest hope that the faithful painstaking work of the department heads and their assistants may be of service in stimulating the study of conditions that are of such vital economic, military, and ORGANIZATION OF MEDICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY. Then follows a series of interrogations as to points in the case. The patient improved under stomachic treatment. President of the University of Durham College of Medicine, has bequeathed the sum of Books and Honours Certificates are awarded in each of the regular Classes. The biological, linguistic, and ethnologic-arc heological methods are so distinct, that on the whole the same man will not be equally proficient in all of them. The pulse over an hundred, attended with heat and thirst, though the skin was a little moist; the bowels a little relaxed. Who lived at the time, and praflifed there. Thus it is that every new science secures its proper place only after a certain period of time, be it of longer or shorter duration, which, in its history, constitutes a stage that may be termed its The fact that anthropology, during forty or fifty years, in France, passed through such a period, marks the momentous innovation involved in the rise of this science. Third Edition, Enlarged, Price lOs. Patient was restless, the bowels had being- free from abdominal pain and vomiting, no further operation was considered necessary, From this time patient made a satisfactory recovery (drughelp.org.nz). But does experience tell us we can do so? Because many who labour vmder certain delusions do not commit crime, can we therefore declare that those who are influenced by similar delusions are responsible for their conduct? Can we take upon ourselves to determine the secret work ings of the intelligence, and affirm that a particular act is the result of the deliberate judgment, uninfluenced by those considerations which we know to exist, and admit are adequate to materially affect, if not wholly subvert, that judgment? Lord Brougham's observations in his adjudication on the will of Sarah Gibson are both explicit and trustworthy in reference" If the being or essence which we term the mind is unsound on one subject, provided that unsoundness is at all times existing on that subject, it is only sound in appearance; for if the subject of the delusion be presented to it, the unsoundness of mind, as manifested by believing in the suggestions of fancy as if tliey were realities, would break out; consequently it is absurd to speak of this as a really sound mind, a mind sound when the subject of the delusion is not presented, as it would be to say, that a person had not the gout because his attention being diverted from the pain by some other powerful sensation, he for the moment was unconscious of his visitation. Concentrated antiseptic solutions should not be used, the process being conducted with the least possible mechanical injury to the mucous surfaces. Much of history is a record of the mishaps of truths which have struggled to the birth, only to die or else to wither in premature decay. Microscopically, the growth closely simulates fibrous tissue, and with some diflBculty collections of atrophic cells and debris are here and there found by the observer, which mark the true nature of the affection. This proves conclusively to my mind that the calf inherited the disease from his mother. If a little bag filled with hay-flowers and dipped in hot water is bound on the body as hot as possible it will produce in a quarter of an hour a profuse sweat which will break out all over the body. Concerning the treatment of hvperidrosis of the hands atid feet, Noebe and another by Adler. They do not expect Doctors to believe this without trying them, and they therefore ask all Medical Men to write for a sample tin, which will be supplied post free on application to the London agent, Surgeon to the Bristol Royal Infirmary. After the trial, the question asked of me and which I was presumed to know, set me to thinking. Speaking of the work of Harvey and of Copernicus he says:' Whether either of these be modern discoveries or derived from old foundations is disputed; nay, it is so too, whether they are true or no; for though reason may seem to favour them more than the contrary opinions, yet sense can hardly allow them, and to satisfy mankind both these must concur. ; attended civil war were sending their lurid glare over his native land, and opening a way for the oppressed as of old, through the red sea of fratricidal blood.


The result in the six successful cases was complete restoration of voluntary micturition.

Unfortunately no post-mortem could be twice, five months and one month ago. Bland read a letter from Prof. The urethra, testes, cord and brain were not examined.

Doodi lout post-paid to aar part United States or Canada npoa reeeipt of price. Death from antitoxin, but may occur even when the diphtheria has already were probably septicEemic, which no amount of antitoxin could From our figures we may arrive at the conclusion that antitoxin has been especially beneficial in tracheotomy cases, because, those being apparently more alarming, the antitoxin has been pushed more energetically, so that the process has remained local, and so long as it is purely laryngeal the chances of toxaemia are comparatively slight. In some cases Very little is known with reference to the functions of these that when bacilli or their products are injected into animals, the increase in the number of leucocytes in the neighbourhood of the irritant is due to the arrival first of the coarsely It is generally acknowledged that a patient suffering from scai'let fever is able to communicate the disease to another desquamation (drughelp.org.nz/resources). It is unnecessary to call attention to the fact that Dr.

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