SOMETHING NEW IN ANTITOXIN AND Our attention has been called to a syringe wherein the feature of an adjustable piston has at last been solved in an apparently satisfactory manner. A large quantity of brown scrub grows upon it; but when ii-rigatcd with Nile water it is a very model of fertility. Professor of Commercial Law and Admiralty, Equity and Lnternatioual Lais. The Arabs in general constantly have recourse both to charms and to medicine, not only for the cure, but also for the prevention of diseases. THE CA.MP A T MONTAUK AND QUARANTINE. This is the more encouraging clinically, as showing that bronchial asthma, even in its severe form, is not incurable, and that the patients suffer more from the complications which are apt to appear in advanced age, than from the asthma itself. The volume closes with three chapters devoted to the diseases of the nose, the pharynx, and the larynx respectively. The success already attendant upon this method of instruction justifies the hope of even better results from it in the future, and to the student of medicine the value of the training and encouragement thus afforded him in habits of close and accurate observation, of self-possession and self-reliance, in the future practice of his profession, The University Hospital, which is the property of the Faculty of Physic of the University of Maryland, is the oldest institution for the care of the sick in the State of Maryland. There is a very complete list of the officinal drugs, in alphabetical order, also the newer remedies with their dosage, in apothecaries' and metric systems, useful points on prescription writing, a very intelligible comparison of relations of the different weights and measures. The post-mortem appearances have not been The relative width museumofdrugpolicy.org of vessels. I found then that there was no shadow of doubt in the mind of any of these observers as to the specific value of antitoxin in the treatment of diphtheria. The arterioles of the skin, on stomach, and kidneys, were greatly thickened by the formation of hyaline-fibroid its valves and orifices were healthy. He attributes his present state to drinking cold water when heated five years ago, but however this may be, about that time he became generally weak, and had cough, attended with some expectoration and pain in the left side: credibility.

About six years before admission to the hospital she began to have symptoms of rectal disease. The man was in good health, free from recurrence. During the intervals between the sessions the regular clinics are continued in the amphitheater, and there is also, each day, a bedside clinic in the hospital and service in the dispensary. We venture, however, still to think that the formal publication of the paper is a very regrettable mistake. The walls of the larger capillaries were infiltrated with a similar hyalinegranular substance; many capillaries drugs were in this manner diseased. Amongst the softened portion there were recent dark coagula, and a defined but not encysted abscess as wiki large as a filbert. There is also marked loss of power and inco-ordination, with fibrillary tremors.

This new formation was war seen outside the muscular layer.

They no longer felt at the Woman's Hospital that there was any month of the year when it was unsafe to operate, and he thought the reason was the introduction of thorough asepsis and antisepsis.

In the opinion of the writer the unhealthy state of the buccal mucous membrane aided in the swelling of the glands. Type of the Southern physician Dr. Certificates of Honor are awarded to the five candidates In accordance with the rules of the Association of American Medical Colleges, of which Association this Faculty is a member, the requirements for Matriculation for all students beginning the study of medicine will be as follows: (A) A Bachelor's degree from an approved College or University; or, (B) A Diploma from an accredited High School, Normal School or Academy, received after four years of study embracing not less (c) Reading four books of Caesar or equivalent. Operations are slowly performed upon the cadaver and carefully Anatomy will be taught in the most practical manner possible. This case emphasizes, clinically, the recently-demonstrated connection between the lympho-vascular system of the nasal region and the encephalon, and indicates a possible source of danger from operations within the nasal cavity. The left half of the face, elongated and expressionless, was the first thing to attract notice; the movement of winking formed the solitary exception to the immobility of the features, and the deviation of the opposite corner of the mouth, which was strongly drawn towards the right side, completed this characteristic deformity.


Three small scales of bone lying in dura mater, one an inch and a half long, consisting of inner plate and diploe only. Still the shrunken pupil reacts very well to light and accommodation, and dilates readily again under the influence of atropin. The incision into the duct was closed with catgut and the finest silk sutures. We give a v-iy defiuite opinion as to the merits of the operation, but only to point out that it is nothing but a new name for an old nietliod, and recomraendable only for cases of fistula in ano, in which the patient has an unconquerable aversion to the knife. He does not drink freely, in one unbroken act of swallowing; he these precautions, it often happens that after four or fivegulps the fluid misses its way, and sets up a fit of coughing, but without regurgitation through the nose. Geoi'ge Johnson regards the changes in the heart and arterioles in chronic Bright's disease as a physiological result, due to a morbid change weed in the blood, whilst our observations lead us to regard the cardio-vascular changes Further, extreme degeneration of the kidneys, and together with this, no doubt, a noxious state of the blood, to which Dr. After the last of these a fistula formed, from which some necrosed bone escaped. I should not attempt to close abdominal incisions without the aid of silkworm gut, as it is retained longer.

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