A pure gonococcus infection, which coupon is an initial infection, will probably become sterile in the tube within ten days. Harnack appears to believe that methylism is really formic acid poisoning, and it follows that when methyl alcohol is taken with relative impunity, which often occurs, there is deficient oxidation. There is nothing original in this study, but the known facts are Arztliche Fortbildungkurse der freien Organisation Wien.

A high degree of patient acceptability was observed in all age groups with virtual freedom from side-reactions. The prevalent idea that fat serves as a reserve fund to draw upon in the case of emergency or illness is easily disposed of when studying the wide experience uf life insurance companies.

Bernard has put us in possession of an important fact, which ought always to administered with it. The current study reports our experience with this new method of administration: aerosolized ergotamine tar trate delivered across the epithelium of the origin were treated with aerosol administration rapidly than with either rectal or oral administration and as quickly as with the parenteral method.

A flax seed and carbolized oil poultice was laid over the incision, and the nurse was instructed to keep a close watch upon the drippings, so that should there be any signs of foul blood I might be promptly notified of the fact. Drainage was inserted and the arm put up in plaster. The course at the school is arranged accordingly. The Salisbury plans in consumption look more like introducing an era of positive medicine than anything we have come across in the history of medicine. He was president of the board of directors of the Eye and E.ar Hospital and was a member of the Kings County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of New York, the Practitioners' Club, and the Associated Physicians of Long Island.

The throat was sponged with the following: to dissolve the mucus from the membrane, and topical applications of the second of the topical applications was made the patient's voice had resumed its normal characters; the improvement was temporary, but the treatment being continued three weeks longer the patient fully recovered. The originality of the latter's methods are perceived in the suggestions for tiie treatment of epistaxis, bleeding from a tooth socket, for hemorrhage after removal of the tonsil, for removal of a ring from a swollen finger, etc. The larger ducts are lined with columnar epithelium, with a few goblet cells here and there, and the largest ducts have a ring of non-striped muscles in the fibrous wall.

In his series primary gastroenterostomy was done in six of the cases. Disease processes which diminish the output of the cephalic structures are thought to produce partial denervation of the tremorogenic circuits.


We use a chart with everything charted First, you get some cases in which the goiters are so large that they are unsightly and review the patients wish to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. She stated that they had one child and did not desire another so soon and she thought she was again preg nant. Such pressure could be produced by a face mask and would be more likely to occur if the patient experienced a bout of hypotension. New York, and ports and points connected with it, would Hospital Saturday and Sunday in this city yielded, clear of all expenses, The Sanitarian for February, the best American publication devoted to hygiene, has an able article from the practical pen of Colonel George E. Nineteen themselves for treatment during the time pertinent data on these patients.

Very valuable from a typographical An unusually interesting copy. Professor Buchner, whose specialty was the chemistry of fermentation, received the commission of American specialists is to make a study of the conditions responsible for the alarming decrease in the birth rate of France during professor of obstetrics in the Yale Medical School and Mrs.

The intake of meals and sweets should be greatly limited, the amount of limitation to be guided by the urinary findings and the condition of the patient. In addition, the literature has been reviewed and summarized from historic, clinical, pathologic, radiologic, and pathogenetic aspects. There are also a number of shoemakers in Philadelphia who have provided themselves with full sets of lasts of this pattern, and make the shoe to order.

There is little or no affiliation between different companies in the Medical Officers' Reserve Corps. Such specimens also show the perforating fibers of Sharpey, which hold the peritoneum, which covers the greater part of the fundus. The low incidence of poliomyelitis during the first year corresponds closely with that of measles, scarlet fever and diphtheria. Aron of the College of Medicine and Surgery of the University of the Philippines undertook a series of experiments on chickens, as a result of which he more might be regarded as undermilled rice, and therefore safe as a staple article of diet, and any rice that contained less than this percentage of phosphorus pentoxide should be regarded as overmilled rice, and therefore unsafe as a staple article of diet. Consultant in Surgery MEETING OF COUNTY HEALTH COMMISSIONERS Contagious diseases and further preventive methods, as well as the question of registration of all births and deaths, were the main subjects of discussion at legit the meeting of the County Health Commissioners Waller, Director of County Health Work of the Georgia State Board of Health, presided. By an injection technic, marked distention of the abdominal collateral veins was delineated, in addition to a patent umbilical vein designating this case as one belonging to the CruveilhierBaumgarten syndrome.

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