Before operating it is imperative to catheterize the ureters to determine definitely whether one or both kidneys are diseased, and to study the functional activity of each kidney with the phenolsulphonephthalein test. Acute infection may result during the course of acute systemic diseases, such as syphilis and tuberculosis.

We have tried to make it clear to all concerned that we did not initiate this change. At the conclusion of the war he "review" settled in the South to practice a profession, that of medicine, that offered the largest field for his splendid intellect and humane sympathy. The purulent expectoration of empyema is distinguished from that from the lungs, by a garlicky odour. In addition to these potential sources of error, it must be remembered that impairment of resonance results from a decrease in the amount of air-bearing tissue, and that this may be due to contraction of the apex as the result of scarring from a healed process, or probably from collapse induration as a result of dust inhalation in mouthbreathers.

In the nose, mouth, or throat, all we can hope for is to be fairly antiseptic. The chief object in such findings has been to obtain such information of value in decidingr whether such a collection of fluid is an exudate or a transudate, and, if the former, the nature of the, disease responsible for its accumulation.

Her vision was poor,.vore glasses for past two years. Rutledge, of Denison, were elected to membership.


There is lots of work to this position, and about the first thing to do is to disabuse ybur minds of any idea that the position of secretary is simply an honorary one; it is not, and should not be so considered. It can thus be explained why the lateral thoracic glands are involved before the axillary glands are affected; and the fact that this communication occurs at the level of the fourth and fifth spaces will also explain why this is the favorite site for these glands. Of defibrinated human blood, showed laking well advanced in five minutes: in ten minutes almost complete We can therefore summarize the foregoing with per cent, sodium hydrate is not isotonic: complete haemolysis occurs in -vitro in the following ratio: produce complete haemolysis in thirty minutes.

So far as I can recall, not more than two, possibly only one patient, survived. It is advisable to stand a little to the side of the patient and to use the same hand for both sides of the chest.

The individual should submit any information supporting his request for deferment, such as corroborative statements from his hospital, patients, medical societies, and the like, which would help to The local board, in turn, forwards this information to the State Advisory Committee (there are two in New York, one for New York City and the other for the rest of the State). The temperature had been normal from the time she left the hospital, the sweating had entirely ceased, and she had been able to eat as well as any labouring man all the time. The postoperative course was uneventful.

Sigmund Berg, of San forcibly inserted in the rectum by a couple of negroes with I degree of brutality not often heard of, and the report emphasizing the importance of fatigue in all diseases, especially those of mental and nervous classification. Drugstrading.com - it would be a pleasure to refer in detail to the Service investigations of leprosy, which include a census of the disease in the Linked States, Hawaii and the Philippines; a study of several hundred cases to determine the utility of nasal examination in the early diagnosis of the disease, and the treatment of cases with nastin, chaulmoogra oil and other preparations, but the results of some of them are set forth in bulletins already published to which I must refer you. Although one of the patients with mammary lipoma had a somewhat complicated hysterectomy involving removal of a dermoid cyst of the ovary and the vermiform appendix, yet no deaths occurred in this series. The fact brings out a prime advantage of home nursing over hospital nursing, as almost every variety of disease may be found in three years of visits to the homes. In those portions of the nerve trunk occupied by the gelatinoid deposit, signs of inflammation, such as redness or congestion, are wanting. Tetany is due to a deficiency of calcium. The pathologic examination showed a marked fibrosis of the spleen with a general picture of splenic anemia, no evidence of leukemia in the intestines or lungs, extensive deposits of lime salts in the kidneys involving especially the convoluted tubules, and the lymph-glands showed a lymphoid hyperplasia resembling that Arbor, who made the pathologic examination, remarks that the only conclusion justified by the findings would seem to be that the riintgen-ray treatment had resolved the leukemic condition into aleukemic state, but that the essential disease process, as shown by the lymph-glands, was still active. Again, one set of pathologists aver that the nature of the action is purely spasmodic; while another aver it to be actively Most obviously, however, the affection originates in spasmodic irritation, which, by protraction, may induce phlogosis respiration, occasioning an increased secretion, variously vitiated, which, accumulating, may act as an extraneous irritant, and bring on the cough for its expulsion. Infected tonsil should be enucleated, and all hypertrophied tonsils should be treated in the same manner. Shortly after entering the hospital a right lower lobe pneumonia with marked pleurisv deevloped. If the urine is shaken it becomes opaque.

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