The outbreak of the epidemic in Genoa, and especially in localities which were considered all but proof against the malady, called for serious investigations; for, as I stated to the Department in previous dispatches, the authorities, through their ceaseless watching, untiring energy, and the great pains taken day and night to keep the city clean, succeeded till now in keeping the cholera out of what has been looked upon as the most exposed port to the disease of any in all Italy, from the fact that all vessels from French ports unload and load merchandise here before proceeding further south. They have made a systematic study of the themselves. And thus in these very cases I have observed some beautiful results from the use of hexamethylenamine. A large proportion of coupons the cases were cured. With regard to the use of drugs for overcoming the characteristic muscular rigidity in these cases, he suggested the inhalation of chloroform, one of the most powerful substances known for overcoming muscular rigidity, believing that when pulse and tempe-rature were normal it could not do harm, and in all likelihood would do good.

In late lesions of the nervous system, its use occasionally is justifiable. The teclniique employed was tliat of Traube. The posterior surface is slightly concave and more regular. This inflammation passed away in a few days and left an indurated vessel, which probably now is considerable inflammation resulted on one occasion at the site of the injection. At the end of a week the eyes showed signs of inflammation and the animals developed a conjunctivitis resembling trachoma. Infections have not appeared to play underlying or exciting factors. But in the majority of cases, as in that described by Secchi, the disease is primary, the patient being attacked without obvious cause while he is in apparently good health.

Gillis, of Franklin County, would present to the library of the Association almost fifty volumes of either the London or Edinburgh Medical Journal, whichever might prove the more Dr. To neglect morbidity and mortality from pelvic disease: review. Local anaesthesia and twilight sleep in the, surgery of Schumacher, D. As for any local complication, it is the same as when a membrane forms on a tracheotomy wound, the membrane requires to be removed to prevent The following instance which occui'i'ed shoitly before the introduction of serum treatment illusti'ates the foregoing I'emarks. I commend Sir W illiam's conduct to the censors of the College of The establishment and carrying on of small special hospitals for which there is no need trespasses on the charitable funds of the nation. The truth is, if it had been left to the general surgeon, rectal surgery would still be a very crude affair.

If put in bichloride solution and alcohol, they lasted as long as Dr.

It is apparent that the doctor needs to be mighty careful in selecting rhis is the time of year when tonsillitis is encountered. All recovered after periods varying from ten days to three years. In using the speculum, the ivory shields are brought together, introduced closed into the nostril, and separated by pressure on the button with the forefinger, counter-pressure being brought to bear on the free ex SURGEON TO THE BALTIMORE EAR AND THROAT CHARITY HOSPITAL. We are sure that every physician hopes that the Harrison Bill may become a law, and every man should use all the effort he can to effect that result, demanding, however, that it shall not be saddled with any amendment designed to build up another profession at At the present time there is a perfect epidemic of legislation affecting the interests of the physician and the drug trade. That kind The unconscious patient is a particularly trying one. From the results of these experiments the author deduces rules for the proper application of electrodes, and methods of producing the desired CARDS OR SLIPS FROM THIS POCKET. Hutchison - then read a paper, entitled A CASE OF EXTRACAPSULAR FRACTURE OF THE NECK enjoying robust health, drove in a high-top buggy from Lake Luzerne to Lake George in order to make a professional visit.

Next to cleansing the streets and sewers, no better measure could be adopted than that of giving a liberal supply price of water results in a use altogether too gingerly foi the public good. Microscopically, the red cells may show chromasia and basophilia, and legit these appearances, indeed, should be looked for in all cases of malarial fevers, as some authors assert that they show a tendency toward the hemolytic action of quinine. Causes a stimulation of the secretions of the pancreas, liver, and Brunner's glands. Let us moreover recall the daily visits to the wards, the clinical teaching in the facilities as great as one can wish for.

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