The pith, or" Sola" hats, appear to be decidedly inferior to the wicker helmets; and men have had sunstroke while wearing them. As for styptic powders or lotions, they appear to have little or no effect in stopping profuse The bleeding is generally arrested with most difficulty when the horn is broken off in some of the fights among the cattle.

Fleming, Harvard Discussion opened by Dr.

The service kit consists of the clothes he wears, and of some duplicate articles and other necessaries. If it can be carried in a wagon, and in a few minutes have something to eat, but not much at a time. It "www.ebmedicine.net/topics.php" was barbarous in the extreme. True motor paralysis is not an essential part of tabes, however, except as a late secondary phenomenon. The Guilford County Medical.Society is enthusiastic over the prospects of having a very successful meeting. Inflammation of the Bile-passages and Gall-bladder (Angiocholitis or Cholangitis and Cholecystitis). Variations in humidity seemed to influence the properties of sodium oleate solutions, for in very wet weather the preparations were somewhat more opaque in appearance and such solutions seemed to suffer a slight but definite diminution in hemolytic power as compared with the clearer solutions which were the rule at ordinary times.

We are up against a world problem.

In tuberculosis he believes strongly in the use of tuberculin, although if there be secondary infection he would delay its administration until the other organisms have been eliminated. In the language of the report made last summer to the English House of Commons, by a committee of its members, not professional, (a paper which should be in the hands of every intelligent citizen in our owo country)"as the science of anatomy has improved, many operations formerly thought necessary have been altogether dispensed with; most of those retained, have been rendered more simple, and many new ones have been performed, to the saving of the lives of patients, which were formerly thought impossible. This year the amount that will be received is uncertain, and for that reason the Committee on Finance has recommended that appropriations be now made for only half neilson: annual address of the president and Locust Streets will cease. Except for the absence of pigment, this parasite resembles the pigmented quotidian parasite so closely that the same description may answer for both. It appears in many cases to be brought on by a redundancy of blood in the system, or from the beast taking cold while in that state. Upon his release he pleaded with the Medical Board for a chance to take the examination for a new license. With the growth ami development of the nation, the great relative increase of the urban population, the multiplying complications of our life on the one hand, and on the other, with the enormous advances made in the knowledge of the nature and sources of disease, of the relations of physiology and pathology to other natural sciences, together with the rapid may almost say, transformation, the functions of the physician have considerably broadened. When he was opened the liver was removed and w r as filled with a ropy mucous secretion.


We do not use tube drainage or gauze drainage. It is here that the country physician is seen at his best or his worst, it is here that his self-reliance and experience are shown aud where his knowledge and skill come In nearly every case there are two conditions at stake; firstly, the watching and helping of his patients to a safe conclusion of the act of parturition in all of its states; and it must be remembered that this does not begin with the first stage of labour nor end with the third stage, it begins as soon as he is engiiged and ends only when his patient has reached that state of health in which she was before becoming pregnant; secondly, his reputation which hangs on his Surrounded as the country physician frequently is by the neighborhood grannies and one or more neighbors of the patient who at some future time may need his services, watched closely and sometimes suspiciously, the least ontoward occurrence, especially if such occurrence be not foreseen by him and prepared for, is told and repeated to and by the little world of women around him with disastrous results to him; he may have made a reputation in labour cases, but one slip made and all this is swept away, but slowly to return, if ever. The progi-am, he said, had been limited so that it might be carried out comfortably in the two days' session; it had been impossible to reduce it PRELIMINARY REPORT ON THE RESULTS OP LIGATION OF THE CORONARY ARTERIES IN DOGS.

But we should still have to ask how histamine itself acts; why its production in the plain muscle cell, for example, should produce tonus.

The intracorpuscular origin of crescents has been proved by Marchiafava. Growing in the body; they are, in fact, minute portions of bioplasm (to This is the old doctrine of" fomites" expressed in a scientific form, and supported by a fact which was not known until recently. He was kind, courteous, sincere free and loyal, and those outstanding qualities won him friendships that never faltered. Prostatorrhoea and gleet are generally benefited by juniper in Juniper is a valuable stomachic.

Western New York Society: Total membership in good standing, twenty; dues to State Society paid. The belief of chemico-physiologists is, that this is the result of an impregnation of the blood by that metallic salt, and a deposition of it in the skin.

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