Our dear, unsophisticated readers do not seem to know that the publication of such a formula would constitute a criminal offence, and would render The Critic and Guide unmailable.

Many skins do better without any greasy application, and the glycerite of starch can be substituted in the above ointments for Tar and the tarry preparations, oil of cade and oleum rusci, are also valuable antipruritic remedies, and may be freely used The Editor of this Journal writes his own editorials. The author quotes several writers who hold these views, making particular mention of Dr. Along with this continuous production there is a continual removal of it from the atmosphere.

The sight gradually returned in each eye, this being preceded by a copious flow of tears, so that in sixteen days the patient could were no ophthalmoscopic symptoms: each eye, both during the attack and subsequent to it, showed only striation of //www.edeuro.com the retina and tortuosity of its veins, the calibre of the retinal arteries being unchanged. From my previous training, I have learned that the important thing is the correction of the deformity. The influence of the ground air upon the atmosphere has been shown by Fodor to be remarkable and to a large extent unexpected, but to this interesting part of the subject the limits of this paper permit only incidental reference.


Remedy, of the derormitv has been attempted by division of the retracted muscles and scarification of the acetabulum, and in some cases with success; but, at the best, considerable lameness remains. It is of no avail to examine merely the voided urine for the presence of tubercle bacilli, on account of the fact that the smegma bacillus will take the same stains as the tubercle bacillus, and the finding of smegma bacilli may lead to an erroneous diagnosis of tuberculosis. Some give a Httle meat in these cases, chopped up fine. Following remarkable appearances presented themselves: In the place of the uterus, between the rectum and bladder, there existed a bony substance, the size of a pear, covered by the peritoneum, and terminating in a cartilaginous substance, in the situation of the os and cervix. Before retiring, ten grains of the bromide should be taken, and at the same time from ten to naphthalin, which is coming a good deal into use from the effect it seems to have on the microorganisms existing in the intestines in some cases of diarrhoea, possesses also the property of producing changes in the nutritive power of the blood, thus being liable to set up degeneration of the bloodvessels. Too rich feeding before the time of fan'owing sometimes produces it, the treatment being in slight cases to bathe the' bag with camphorated spirits of wine. Unless the cause be treated, the articular trouble will probably undergo little improvement. Thus it would seem that nature provides a means of destruction of an ectopic fetus.

They may make their appearance at any age, often in childhood, and grow as a rule slowly (erfahrung). Fams running from the lower lumbar region, or from the groins, down along the limbs, are feh, and often felt severely, by females even during common menstruation; and intermittent pains in the lower part of the abdomen, or uterine colics, (as they have been termed,) are common under the same circumstances, as well as in different varieties of morbid uterine irritation. As in tubercular or cold abscesses, the causing bacteria have long prior to the time of the bacteriological examination of the gall bladder's contents done their evil work and disappeared. In the operation by lateral flaps, cutting around the great trochanter, whether, emoted in making the first flap as by Lisfranc's method, or in the last, as by that of Larrey, is a clumsy process in the most skilful hands. The commonest examples of this are the small aneurysms of the pulmonary artery in the walls of a tubercular cavity. Dustingpowders, especially when applied after baths, http will in some cases prove Urticaria Pigmentosa, called also zanthelasmoidea, is an unusual form of the disease, cases of which during the past few years have been reported. The applications were made daily or at intervals of two or three days, as conditions indicated. The axones are divided into two filaments known as central and peripheral. The convalescent should not be permitted to go out too soon, as full recovery is delayed in this way. In the higher degrees of myopia, however, at all events as long as binocular fixation is persisted in, the excessive convergence which is necessary for distant vision causes a more or less rapid tiring. Child strong and healthy; no specific history; abscess about the size of a walnut; joint motions good.

Generally, the appearance of thick mucus within the os uteri indicates an extension of the inflammatory' process into the cervical canal: edeuro.com.

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