The handkerchief should be made a regular part of the issue of clothing, and the men should be compelled to use it and trained to"screen The common drinking cup is rarely met with and should be entirely abolished, and the men taught to wash their hands after blowing the nose, to keep their fingers away from their nose and mouths at other times, and not to put any object in their mouths which could have been used by anyone previously. We are not all line-of-battle ships, but a A Monthly Record of the Progress of liHedical and Surgical Science.

No department of medicine has made greater advances within the last few years than gynecology, and, judging from analogy, we may expect the next fifteen or twenty years to teach us fully as much as has been already developed, and to clear up much that at present is enveloped in obscurity and error. In typhoid, the premonitory symtoms and subsequent complications are not so urgent; chills and fever are milder; pulse more frequent and quick; tongue coated white, becoming black in the later stage; face often pale, with red spots on cheeks; eyes sunk, pupils dilated, countenance anxious; spots rose colored, smaller and fewer; pain and gurgling in the right iliac region, and greater prostration from the commencement. A graduate of Queens College, he received his medical Professor of Radiology, has been a for the past three years. No one spoke of anything but the systolic a few mention a high diastolic pressure, which does not vary under care and which has a very definite prognostic value. Of the Mississippi "" State Medical Association. In addition, the school determined from the very first to take close notes on all information imparted to us by the lecturers (some of whose names have been recited), and upon all operations of the medical services noted in the visits to the fronts. That has been the result of my observation; and recently a line of alkaloids has been introduced, put up very beautifully in a very convenient shape for one to prescribe or even carry with him, and they have a most powerful effect. Similar commissions are bringing them good results. In chronic appendicitis tenderness over the appendix is the exception rather than the rule ( My study of those patients injured and not subjected to nephrectomy, who have recovered without the intervention of infection, would surely prove that by far the major number of ordinary cases of rupture of the kidney recover without any appreciable diminution in the functional ability of the injured kidney. The article on Localisation of Cerebellar tumors one feels miglit still be strengthened considerably. Login - the girl, putting the letter in her bosom, tripped away down the street, occasionally stopping to perform a solitary little game of hop-scotch on the pavement, with an oyster-shell or a bit of respectful distance, and whenever the girl is engaged in her peripatetic recreation, appears to take a sudden interest in the outline of the clouds overhead. Not long afterward he asked me to perform the same operation upon another one of his patients, who was, if anything, worse. Exhaust the powdered drugs by percolation with mix this with the Simple Syrup and filter. General Principles Governing Antiseptic and Aseptic modern aseptic methods of performing operations, we come to the question of what dressings should be used for covering the wounds, and the discussion of the methods of applying surgical dressings. Concentrated essence of Ginger, IJ" Dry the soda, acid and the sugar very carefully; before drying the sugar, incorporate with it the essences thoroughly, to which a small quantity of caramel may Easy and Rapid Method to Powder Shellac. Adherent to it, was a thick membrane of fibrin, which couhl be were found in the skull. But as this urging necessitated much exertion on his part, and showed him that he had to overcome great resistances in the patient, he formulated the following theory:"Through my psychic work I had to overcome a psychic force in the patient which opposed the pathogenic idea from the fact that the ideas which had to be disinterred were all of a painful nature, adapted to provoke the affects of shame, reproach, mental pain, and the which one would not like to experience, and prefers This gave rise to Freud's idea of repression ( Yerdrangung); the pathogenic idea being of a painful nature is incompatible with the ego, and is therefore treated by it as uon arrive. The inventor may build his automobiles, patent his bicycles or construct horseless vehicles for business and pleasure, but the noble animal, the horse, and his distant relative, the tireless and persevering mule, are bound to remain man's best friend and constant companion.

The veterinarians of Minnesota are to be congratulated upon having the Governor, the State Board of Health, the Mayor of this City and the Commercial Club so much interested in our profession as to extend individually to this organization the right hand of fellowship. He spoke on the prognosis of albuminuria with especial reference to insurance medicine. Does is not seem as if there were, after all, a common measure, discernible if not completely definable, to all the various plans of hygienic treatment for consumption which of late years nave commanded any wide support from medical men? It appears to us that we may tabulate side by side the elements of equal success from either of two modes of treatment: Prolonged residence in a high A prolonged ocean voyage, Free carriage exercise, little or Free exposure on deck, only no walking.

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