In the same year, Bristowe described and figured the fungus seen in the black particles of a foot from a case of black maduromycosis amputated in Cantoor, and demonstrated to the Pathological Society of London by Tilbury Fox. Maintain high index of suspicion for infection. We believe, however, the two diseases to be of different aetiology. As in the case of epidemics, differences are observable; but those differences are readily seized and appreciated by the well-educated physician, and the appropriate treatment suggested accordingly.

The cartilagenous coverings of the articular surfaces, and also, to some extent, the osseous structure of the vertebras themselves, act as cushions or buffers, by which the concussive force is greatly diminished at each articulation.

Parents - first, that medical like other officers are all tho better for some preliminary military training and for the physical training and openair life they get previous to their being required at tho front; and secondly, that the Committee believes that if its enrolment scheme is a success and the Director-General is assured of a steady supply of medical officers as and when required, the calling away of more medical men from civilian practice to military life will be deferred as long as the military authorities feel it wise to do so. The first stage is therefore one of irritation of the nerves, with such symptoms as shooting-pains down certain nerves, especially the ulnar and the peroneal, accompanied with sensory disturbances, such as burning, numbness, of the muscles, particularly of the face. His researches have been confirmed by various observers, among whom Gabbi and Sabella in Tripoli.

A large number of men with special qualifications are used in their special work, but every doctor must be to prepared to do doctor's work of any kind, and men of the highest qualifications and long experience have not been ashamed or unwilling to turn their hand to routine work when special work was not available. The progressive discoloration of the.skin is not, we think, that of a bronzing, as has generally been stated, unless the sufferer possesses a naturally dark skin. In other cases of chronic pleurisy, the termination by contraction of the chest does not ensue; the fluid continues accumulated, and it becomes necessary to have recourse to some direct means above indicate that the state of chronic inflammation of the pleura exists, and there is reason to believe that it has been of some standing, example; and there remain, perhaps, for weeks.

The right fundus showed commonwealth marked optic neuritis with a fair degree of swelling; there were some retinal haemorrhages in the region of the disc, and the retinal veins were engorged. Strong meat-essences and alcohol should be avoided. That illness had suffered from pain in the right Hip, and had noticed a ci-eaking at the joint on movement. Do you have back pain? (particularly unilateral sacro-iliac symptoms). These papers pursue club their absurdities just as when Britain had reached its lowest point of intellectual development before the war.


It has been contended, that the phenomena of puerperal fever originate in a vitiation of the fluids, the causes of which are especially rife after childbirth, and are seated in the uterus, from which the placenta has been separated. The dissatisfaction that is resulting among the panel practitioners of the Derbyshire area is quickly reaching such a pitch that many of them are seriously discussing the question of resigning letter in a body from the panel, or of withdrawing fx'om their undertaking to do the panel work of medical men who have joined the army. It can readily, too, be understood, that the constant irritation, kept up in the liver by chronic duodenitis, may modify its function of nutrition, so as to induce serious and permanent hepatic disease. A hasty examination of it impresses us with the immense amount of work and care involved in its preparation. Inspect vaginal discharge for quantity, color, consistency and odor. I supplement this with the douche. It is of bacterial origin, being probably due to infections by intestinal bacteria entering the general circulation through the smaU wounds produced in the intestinal mucosa by the worm.

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