Being contained in their secretions, it is readily distributed by coughing, sneezing, kissing, and by means of fingers and articles contaminated with these secretions, as well as with the intestinal discharges.

Greene: The high specific gravity was indicative of diminution in the amount of water. During defecation the tumor is forced within the grasp of the sphincter and tenesmus is set up, with also a feeling of nausea and sickness. The spirit of peace pervades the inmost consciences of our citizenship, though the motives which actuated our forefathers find their counterpart in the feelings of all true Americans. The rays which exert this destructive or inhibitory effect on bacterial life are precisely those which also exert the most powerful acdon on the ordinary photographic Of much interest also is the comparison made by Dr.

Clbabt, surgeon, www.sklep.elfa-pharm.pl to duty at Fort Wingate, New Mexico, is revoked. Similarly, field schools for medical officers merit further consideration. To add indiscriminately at this unfavorable moment the extra shock of anesthesia and an abdominal section, appears to the writer in certain cases extremely ill advised. But here is a decided hint as to abnormal possibilities elsewhere, and it is well to Sudamina are observed in conditions of excessive perspiration especially perspiration from the elimination of some pathological product. The principal symptoms to be combated are the anemia, which results from the frequent attacks of hemoptysis, and the cough, which is often most weakeningto the patient.

In general but little thought is given to it outside of those directly concerned, except when some epidemic occurs, or as recently, when the City of Boston discussed the advisability of turning the local quarantine station over to the Public Health Service. These regulations are being constantly changed to facilitate commerce as new discoveries are being proven as to the transmission of disease.


The disease extends by mortification //elfa-pharm.pl of certain of these tubercles. The great importance of dietetic treatment was insisted on. But women of moderate means, and of no means, need trained nurses just as much, if not more, than do their wealthy neighbors: sklep.elfa-pharm.pl. Lipomata are not likely to be mistaken for other neoplasms; they are occasionally incorrectly diagnosed as wens and tuberculous glands; they rarely ever tend to malignancy; removal by incision is the only treatment. Armor, Prof, Samuel Glasgow, M. For the object is almost analogous in both cases, although the conditions are not. Examination microscopically of the tumor by Dr. For that purpose the Secretary has been in correspondence with every town, more than two thousand letters, to which some fifteen hundred answers have been received. Adrenal therapy is, therefore, of prospective utility in ovarian excess or the so-called ovarian dyshormonism; while this condition may easily unduly stimulate the chromaffin system and cause an adrenal insufficiency which may have remarks upon the organotherapeutic treatment of obesity might be helpful, though this subject has already received passing attention in this department.' There can be treatment of certain forms of obesity. And this is their sole occupation from early morn till dewy eve. The brain was inspected the second day after, and no marks of inflammation of the membranes, or of the brain itself, were discovered (elfa-pharm.pl). A week later the other Bhoulder was operated bo in the same way, except that the head of the boni protruded and the attachment of all the rota divided.

It is noted in the police court circles, that a certain number of persons who serve a sentence for drunkenness, become criminal on regaining their liberty, and after a time, resume the use of spirits. All the general winds of Southern California are sea winds, and they in turn receive their heat from the Kuro Siwo or This great river of the ocean has its origin in the China Sea and pushes its drift of warm water in a great oval current across the Pacific Ocean and thence southward along the western coast of North America, and the winds from over this vast warm stream impart their genial qualities to the whole western slope of our continent. The boy had kept about since the eruption and lower limbs the scabs are small; on the wrists and arms, several are as large as the vaccine scabs in an infant, and like them in shape, circular, thick and convex; some surrounded with a ring or elevated ridge of cutis, such as occurs occasionally around the vaccine scab, or in mild cases of small pox (http). The following are to be taken into consideration in studying the ship surgeon and medical profession in order to better the ship surgeon's position and increase the respect in which In discussing these details I have due regard for the old axiom:"The exception proves the rule." If I should during the following remarks unintentionally hurt the feelings of some ship doctor or steamship company, each, I hope, will at once be satisfied with my explanation that no reflection is intended, and so far as I kilow their cases are the exceptions.

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