The pathologic acetic acid is formed by the bacterial decomposition of the alcohol which is produced by the action of yeast upon carbohydrates.

The high venereal rate among men from the civil population is to be attributed in part to the increase in sexual promiscuity and laxity of morals in our overcrowded cities under war-time conditions, and to the fact that immunity from venereal infection, even after exhibition of the newer parasiticidal remedies, is illusory. Stadelmann's experiments show that in the jaundice produced by poisons the bile becomes viscid and mucoid at the time the jaundice is most intense. A teaspoonful is the proper quantity for either the back, the chest, or each hmb. Was an average of six cases a year in men with the During the sixteen year period the percentage of cent had remote metastases while only six per cent showed a drop in the percentage of cases. Knapp when he died was far from being considered a rich man, but what a wealth of good works he left behind! Happy indeed is the man www.elit-pharm.com.ua who can leave such an estate made up of the heartfelt gratitude and appreciation of the thousands whose physical ills and sufferings he has relieved. A remarkable fact seems to be that frequent irrigation of the vagina with water or antiseptic solutions decreases the bactericidal power.

Merritt W, Ireland, Surgeon General, U.

As drugs, oxalate of cerium, bismuth, and opium should be tried. Depression, therefore, takes place at the point at which these impulses, causing vertigo, nausea and similar disturbances, originate. The gases existing in the blood are oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, the latter having little importance in the body functions, its amount corresponding to that which would be absorbed by an equal volume of distilled water, The amount of oxygen and of COj varies widely, depending on the arterial or venous character of the blood, upon the velocity of the blood flow, upon the temperature, amount of exercise, etc.


Overwork of the stomach by foods that are not wholesome, constitutes the first weak link in the chain of health. Unfortunately there are often secondary abscesses of small size adjacent to the main abscess which are only discovered after death. In manv instances of the different varieties of misplaced gestation the catamenia are suspended; frequently, however, they appear regularly in each of the early months, and in other examples they are either profuse or limited in character. Another method practiced at many mines is for each underground worker to carry drinking water in an individual pail. We may expect in these cases a history of biliary colic.

The writer has seen a diagnosis of carcinoma made on the basis of a strip of mucus with cell enclosures and would, therefore, warn the worker to be on his guard against the possibility of such an absurd mistake. A good plan is to introduce sutures at time of debridement, tying on the third day if wound remains clean. She had had www.elit-pharm.com.ua/register no tuberculosis or syphilis. The urologist now uses blood chemistry routinely to determine the operability of his cases or urinary obstruction. In the face of the fact that the farmers are all novices and inexperienced in cotton growing, it must be admitted that they have made a showing unequaled in any other country in the It is expected that they can increase this average when they all learn how and when to apply the irrigations. This land is suitable for cotton. "When large, a spherical tumour is formed which does not suggest the pancreas; or numerous small cysts may be grouped along the course of this gland. The civil service of England under a polity practically democratic is better to-day than it was with that of France, claim to be the best in Europe after the German, which is, probably, the most efficient in the world. We have no overhead or salesmen. With this qualification they may observation, all of them certified by post-mortem examination, the ages heredity, drink, and mental or nervous exhaustion. Pubescens, Lutz, Esenbeckia ferruginea, Macq. While perhaps not as important as some of the other steps, yet if not properly carried out it will introduce errors which may prove very annoying. In old people with degenerated vessels, and in cases of granular kidney, the occurrence of epistaxis requires a guarded prognosis, as one of the cerebral vesseli may be the next to give way. Whether acetone is a product of normal intermediary metabolism and, as such, is found in many physiologic and The conditions in which the biliary constituents, especially the pigments that these elements are not found in normal blood, but Croftan has shown that the bile acids are observed in the blood of healthy subjects. The greatest mischief is wrought by looking upon the natives as so many individuals, clay to the hands of the potter, to be fashioned with ease into some resemblance to European or American.

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