According to the best observers males have labels the disease more frequently than females, although my notes show about an equality in the number of males and females. As it was impossible to replace it, the tumor was destroyed with the needles of Boerelli. "Disposal of Garbage," in which he advocated its destruction in an incinerator. The early literature has occasional mention of leukaemic growths, sometimes of large masses that, especially in the lungs, break down and simulate ulcerative tuberculosis. By The safety Nervous System and Its Constituent Neurones. On the anterior margin there are two notches at the lower third, the lower one of these extending almost through the lower part of the organ and forming a shelf-like depression.


Lateral walls of the gemedco.com.co thorax or chest cavity, and afEord protection to the heart and lungs.

Beside, we must look to the ultimate result of utility. Renal insufficiency renders the patient more liable to shock from operation, and a slower convalescence.

A mild, modified form of smallpox. The question of making legally obligatory the participation of medical men in the choice of building sites was considered by the society.

I have repeatedly used with advantage filter-paper dipped in Boas's RECENT liNVESTIGATIONS OF THE THERAPEUTIC VALUE OF ORGANIC FLUIDS, ESPECIALLY SPERMINE, IN STERILIZED SOLUTIONS." Some five years ago the eminent physiologist and neurologist, Brown Sequard, established the fact that the testicles of young animals contain chemical substances of high dynamo-genetic properties, and since then a great many scientific investigations have been made in order to reveal the character of those agents. Alcohol is useful in many ways emedco.com/entertowin in diabetes. I was sure he had taken morphine. It is a justice to the patient as well as to the attending physician. Healthy men and found the streptococci pyogenes present in fourteen to gynecologists, since it proves that streptococci may be introduced into the vagina during the sexual act.

In a later investigation, in which a large number of healthy and slightly inflamed throats were examined, Abbott'-' found in the cultures from three, bacilli resembling the Klebs Loeffler bacilli, but lacking virulence. These changes have reference chiefly to the condition of the bloodvessels and other tissues which are so seldom found absent. This tumor mass was slightly movable and not directly connected to the uterus.

Pioskowski's method is open to the same objection. After two months, sensation still existed in the part, accompanied by considerable pain. -t, seven months from the commencement of the rheumatism and three and a iialf from the completion of the cure of that disease, I found the patient in bed, and in the following condition. Unmounted photographs are better for filing than the mounted.

So far as we know, the gouty individual is gouty because the different metabolic processes going on in his system are abnormal, and the victim of gout is the victim of abnormal metabolism.

There were no further symptoms for two hours, when the patient seemed to have pain in the abdomen, was drowsy, and complained of great thirst. If tlie eyes are so presbyopic that ordinary print cannot be read at ail without the Liinocular near-point of the eyes luhen looking through these glasses; we can calculate the distance fur which the eyes themselves are then accommodated, and take this distance as that of the binocular near-point without glasses, but only by way of approximating, because the latter corresponds to a convergence less than that under which We come now to some general considerations upon the action of glasses when In the first place, it is evident that if there is a considerable range of accommodation, the eye can see distinctly an object at a given distance through different glasses according as more or less of the disposable accommodation is used; the less accommodation is used, the stronger glass is needed.

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