An operation, the object coupon of which is to fill a circumscribed space with gas or vapour, with the intention either of purifying the air, of perfuming it, or of charging it with a substance proper for acting upon a part of the surface of the human body. Those who oppose the prevalent view must explain these appearances. It is supposed that this action relaxes the tension of the Zonule of Zinn, permitting the lens through its own elasticity to assume a more convex form. A methodical division of soft parts with a cutting instrument. I'he removal of this enormous mass uiwovered the peritoneum, made an uneventful recovery, the wound liealing at all points there has been no niurrence of the abdominal redundancy. We have, perhaps, no medicine, or set of medicines, capable of producing precisely the same effects. Itching, creeping, and" pins and needles." Paresthesia is observed in many conditions, as hysteria, spinal sclerosis, neurasthenia, and injury or inflammation of around the trunk. Hahnemann never proposed to set broken bones, nor to antidote chemical irritants under the law similias; but under the laws of mechanics and chemistry, modified by those of physiology.


Offensive, dai'k-coloured, and having a peculiar black sediment, which we had never obsened before, resembling pulverized charcoal. PHONON'OSI, Pononu'si, (phone, and vouch;,'a disease.') Ponopathi'se, Mor'bi vo'cis.

HY'PERTROPHY, or HYPER'TROPHY, Hypertroph'ia, Supcrnutrit"io, (F.) Hypertrophic, Supernutrition (www.epiduo.com/). The www.epiduo.com/rebate Hop pil'low, Pulvi'nar Hu'muli, has long been used for producing sleep. It should not impair the future usefulness of the arm, and should admit of primary union without the necessity for skin grafting. At present in operating upon the lower jaw or the floor of the mouth for removal of malignant growths, Fenger always resorts to such traction on the hyoid. This acted so well that at the end of a week she slept soundly till her usual time for rising, and was, after that, able to do so without any medicine.

The following gentlemen will address the meeting upon medical society work in general: Drs. The diet should be nutritious, and carefully adapted to the condition of the stomach, which is usually the seat of chronic catarrh. It is this kind of alteration of the cellular tissue, when it occurs in laminated or rounded masses, which has been denominated scirrhus, and in other cases encephaloid, from some rude resemblance to cerebral substance. On examination the surface of the liver was found torn in many places, the tissue separating' the two auricles a young man addicted, since infancy, to the use of spirituous liquor, which proved speedily fatal. In countless cases of cardiac disease it has been employed with the most positive and It is especially indicated in all functional heart diseases such as tachycardia, palpitation, feebleness; in the cardiac weakness and nervousness caused by excessive use of tobacco, tea, coffee or alcohol; to sustain the heart throughout many chronic and febrile diseases; to strengthen the heart of the convalescent; and for its support during the period of gestation. Calls Chiniodine, are intimately united witli subacid resinous substance. Any thing inclined, or which deviates from the vertical line. Five candidates for numbers the full quota allowed by law. Treatment has been kept up by the patient at his home until now he is practically well. Microscopic examination shows an overgrowth of connective tissue which has contracted, narrowed the lumen of the tubules, and interfered with the nutrition of the epithelium, and as a result the latter may show fatty degeneration with desquamation. Write for interesting booklet,"A New Light on References: Dun's, Bradstreet's or any Wheeling Men of good report and pleasing personality wanted, to solicit individual smokers. In the second, these principles are applied to each of the organs of the system respectively, and the dift'erent derangements of each are investigated, which constitute the department oi special pathological anatomy.

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