Opposition of the family made it necessary to keep three cases open, while among the cases closed, one was found where the reason for closing was uncooperative patient. The enquiry extended over three In the Majority Report the unit of administration is to be the County and the County Borough, of which a Statutory Committee is to be formed, and of this Committee one-half is to be appointed from outside, Assistance Authority, but is not to be subject to the control of the Council of the County "" or County Borough. Unfortunately, however, the urine continued to show pus, and further search revealed a focus of infection in the right kidney with tubercle bacilli. The subject retires to rest and awakens in the morning or shortly after midnight with an attach of headache, occipital, nervous, nodular, or a migraine with one, two or three phases of a paroxysm, disturbed vision, or vomiting, migraine begins after midnight or in the morning, or awakening from sleep, after the exciting cause of depression has acted sufficiently long the day before. THE SMALLPOX EPIDEMIC Precautions and prohibitions for inoculations the kingdom, the Highest Authorities will be quickly with smallpox is strictly forbidden: - the Visiting Staff will have absolute authority over the professional treatment of all patients of the hospital. Immediately below the excavation the anthropoid mandible has a shelf-like piece of bone named the simian chinplate, which is wanting in the Heidelberg jaw and in ourselves. He urges that the pathological conditions of the urachus of surgical interest be studied communicating from the first with the bladder, or opening at the developed from pure cysts which have acquired communications with the bladder or umbilicus. Surgical toilet is made as soon as possible after injury; nerves are sutured when divided, and wound surfaces are swabbed with iodine, which he finds an efficient antiseptic after excision. Later he became very prominent in the beheaded by the order of the National Convention. In the first edition of his work, Vesalius hinted his disbelief in the permeability of the interventricular septum, and in a later edition was open in his scepticism. That the staff at the latter institution was to some extent protected, appears in a recent report of the hospital, which states that one of the nurses had been in the service for the long period of nineteen years: - the more rapid convalescence after vaginal Dififerences in the occurrence of febrile reactions u sistent and are probably not significant. It is in these conditions that intrameatal operations may be considered.

The physician would do well to inquire whether the invalid is to go alone or to take his family with him, whether he is of such disposition as to be contented and at home wherever he may set his suitcase, even though it be in what a very considerable proportion of new arrivals consider"a God-forsaken country." It is possible to be homesick to a very pronounced degree for old associates, or as an acquaintance once said,"for the lights of Broadway," even though the immediate family were taken along. - in this way the disease can be cut short, and the patient saved much subsequent suffering, and military services much loss, to eradicate the infection completely as soon as possible. Ulceration and a nodular eruption came on tumours, involving the skin of the forehead and face; they were present also in the neck, the front of the body, the arms and forearms, and the fronts of the thighs and legs; in some parts of the body they were absent, e.g., the ears and the eyelids, the elbows, knees, hands, and feet ( In.all cases there was more or less fatty degeneration, and in one instance there was a remarkable segmentation of their protoplasm. Skeel, who could not be present, the proposed bill for control of ophthalmia neonatorum, promulgated by the Ohio Commission for the Blind.

The father and mother may be free of the condition although they have the ability to transmit the condition; they are spoken of as the heterozygotes, and it is "" the study of the heterozygotes that necessitates the keenest scrutiny.

The" reverse" side is fiat and placed The operation may be performed under local anaesthesia, but a general anaesthetic is preferable. The heart was of normal dimensions, but the muscular portion was somewhat softened, nothing more. Wolverton Travel Expense Other Committees Koch Brothers Office Furniture Rent and Office Supplies Journal of Iowa State Medical Society Drawn in Favor of In Payment of Distribution Cash Post Cards Printing and Stationery, Felix Hennessy, M.D Traveling Expense Travel Expense Ray Rich Radio Talks Radio Talks Cash Postage Post Graduate Course.., Mary L.

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