Those wo now mention are noted for fine flesh and at tho sauio time aro prolific in eggs. Popoff had investigated this subject experimentally by observations upon the depression of protozoa and had found that by bringing them in contact with very dilute solutions of certain chemical substances, such as might be formed in metabolism, e. Mice are the most susceptible, and die in from twenty-four to forty-eight hours after subcutaneous injection. In those cases of liver abscess in which fever is require all modern bacteriological methods to exclude Malta fever, malaria, septicaemia, and kortingscode typhoid, etc.


The real condition to which attention should be directed was the hyperglycemia. Voluntary law which simply empowers courts to commit indigents in need of medical care to a state hospital when the court, in the exercise medical society meet with or appoint a committee to meet with the judge and trustees and discuss the problems arising from the new act and arrive at some definite policy in regard to sending cases to Indianapolis.

No direct relation of the reaction of the subarachnoid system to any of these features was apparent. Canines, birds, and ervaring reptiles appear to be immune. In treating the abscess, poultices, warm spirit dressings, and strapping, as in hernia humoralis.'."And this, in fact, is the sum of the treatment recommended by our obstetrical celebrities; they advise, without much confidence, leeches, venesection, warm applications, cold lotions, stupes, poultices, purgatives, straps for support; and, when the usual termination arrives, the use of the lancet. This was followed by very profuse haemorrhage, the source of which could not be seen nor felt with the finger. Edwards' considered the case to be a dislocation of! ceeded to the reduction forthwith. The remaining cases were, for the most part, of simple scarlet fever. Keep the patient in bed, and let the temperature of the room be warm and equable; open the bowels with a gentle aperient, such as rhubarb and magnesia, or senna mixture, and follow this up with weak wine whey, or some warm diluent drink, in a pint of which a teaspoonful of cream of tartar, the juice of a lemon, and a dram of nitrate of potash has been dissolved; give a wineglassful of this about every four hours. Are foreign students admitted to dissect but for dissecting it is necessary to have particular permission, because it is necessary to have a dead body by order of the Does dissection take place only at the Univercsity, or does it take place also in hospitals only for those pupils in practice at the hospitals. Some persons think, on making a post-mortem examination, that there is a little more serum than there should be, and some think there is a little less, so that we may fairly say that in this patient nothing was found, that she died from exhaustion left by fever, and the sore wliicli occurred on the hip, from refusing to employ the proper means which wo had administered when she was not herself, when she was labouring under fever and we could manage her. A continuance of the rib in the form of a cord which circled the apex of the chest was as likely to produce symptoms as a more largely developed rib. Tlien give a tiblespoonful of cistor-oil, or about as much jalap iis will lie on a shilling, mixed in butter; make a pill of it, and slide it into the crop.

There was no displacement of fragments.

Suspecting the ingestion of veal to be the cause of the attack, it was ordered stricken from his diet and from that day to and the child is enjoying perfect health. Wright Thomson presided, and explained the object of the meeting, viz., to form a more or less social in its aims, the membership to be confined to those who had served with the Array overseas during the war. XleCabe has an extelislvo knowledge of the veterinary art and has no superior in the town as" Tisdale's liranlford Iron Stable Pittings." These tlttiugs compri.se everything which go to makea stable or bam a model of coiivenieufo and economy.

Of Oak lUdge Farm, five miles south of Uiirford. It is agglutinated by the serum of persons suffering from Carrion's fever, but not' by that of patients "ervaringen" suffering from verruga who have not had fever. He had fallen out of a waggon, about ten feet, on to his forehead, and was immediately brought to the hospital. In our experience, however, when the microscopical examination has shown the presence review of the fungus, it is best, as a rule, to start an energetic antimycotic treatment at once.

George never forgets to state that he wants to get in early, that he may We made our reservation at the Keenan along last January, in order to be assured of a place to lay our weary head, once night came.

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