Here the indication for immediate treatment is clear, namely the use of a respiratory stimulant. The instrument which was the subject of the above communication resembled in ajipearance an air-pump, and its mechanism was such that the air present in one of the cylinders could be propelled into the lungs, producing thereby an inspiration, while at the same time a vacuum was prepared in the other cylinder; as soon as the inspiration was completed a communication was established between the cylinder free from air and the lungs, when the expiration took place. One half of the abdominal injuries will have some type of liver trauma.

The sick of the crew spread fever through the hospital in which they were received for the cure of their dysentery, pneumonia, etc. Our Mademoiselle from Ready for a good time. Our experience of uncontrolled special departments led us to conclude that they were lacking in a sense of proportion, and that cases were being bathed, massaged, or electrified which required fundamentally different treatment.

A bill dealing with patient compensation panel membership was sent back to the SMS Committee on Medical Liability for further consideration. Yellowish-white flakes, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in boiling along with ammonia, by full decomposing hydrazulmiue with water H YDRENCEPH ALON (Lat.), HYDRENCEPHALUS (Lat.), romp, water, ivteAaor. It is probable that they have little to do with causing fever, but may play a small part in causing the acidosis, which is a part of the symptom complex. For in Boston, and it has already arranged for the use of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, and, as you know, the Elks are building a hospital of considerable size adjoining the Robert B. A practical commentary on this point may be found in the fact, that the French Bureau of Health has just established a dwelling jilace outside Paris, for the very purpose of giving the surgeons a chance of performing certain grand and special operations successfully.

At the same time, the techniques of the operation are Another special project, known as Orthopedics Overseas, consists of leading American orthopedic surgeons going to a country on a rotating basis to provide surgery and teach. In order to keep the prisoners healthy, Sheriff Keliher has introduced recreation periods outdoors forenoon and afternoon. ; the paraf' the bladder, the pelvis, the orbit, etc: There are found, especially among those who have enjoyed great wealth for generations, many far more economical in most particulars than those of only moderate means. You make all decisions regarding partial payments, adjustments, or the forgiving of a debt entirely.

Zinc chloride is the most caustic and least astringent of the zinc salts.

The success of the bone graft lends an interesting chapter in this case.

If there is doubt about the completeness of information contained in a letter, the Since each child who receives physical therapy or occupational therapy requires an individual prescription, it follows that the therapy is to be administered on an individual basis and not in groups.

The excess of sugar cannot be absorbed before the intestinal bacteria attack it, Part of the sugar is probably fermented in the small intestine; part in the large, and oftentimes such a condition may be quickly relieved by simply cutting down the amount of sugar in the diet. Its edges site slope gradually to the level of the surrounding skin. Scarcely does a trial for poisoning take place in which we fail to find evidence betraying not only the imperfection of feel ashamed, for unless competent he should decline giving evidence. Another who incurred a scaphoid fracture while boxing has successfully Pain and disability, especially stiffness, are the chief indications for surgery.

St.Mark's for Fistula and other Diseases of the MEETINGS OF SOCIETIES DURING THE emetic for the business; and, to prevent mistakes, he has his list of deaths after, we cannot say from, the inhalation of ether. Griennard of Fitchburg has been appointed captain in the Medical Reserve BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Corps and has been ordered into active service at Camp Greenleaf, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. As nearly as possible, one-third of the members of the Board shall be elected each year.


This is prepared by the decomposition of fats, especially tallow with acid, either directly or after previous saponification, and separating the liquid portion, oleic acid, by scammer expression.

The committee encourages this organization to continue in its efforts to develop supplementary Cooney, as well as other members.

It is not unreasonable to suppose that a vein under these circumstances is not equally disposed to take on the action of inflammation with one, which after its division is exposed to the contact of the air, or other extraneous substance.

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