But the majority of cases of central amblyopia occur among those who use both alcohol and tobacco to excess. Bat ia mmf CMea, especially ia iBorMd Jaating to be entiiely indepeedwrt of the Doriog pneumonia, tbexe is leiiieibeble dioiiirationoftfaedilorideeof tbemiiieaecoiding to Redtenbeeber end Beele. The more he was bothered, the more vigorously On examination I found the vision of his he could not read at all. This success, we believe, the proprietor deserves; and now on its new departure we strongly commend this preparation to the profession for use in suitable cases, among which will bb found strumous diseases generally, but especially phthisis, ushered in by preliminary Guarana is used with much benefit in doctorales cases of Sick and Nervous Headache, Neuralgia, Diarrhoea, Gastralgia, etc. Soon after the gratis evening affusion, the heat of skin subsided greatly; and the pulse next morning, answered my questions intelligently. There was a slight prominence of the eye and a slight divergence. In the cases that I reported, I feel confident that there was an excess of acid present in the The frequency with which sprains occur in general practice, and the somewhat unsatisfactoryresults of the treatment ordinarily adopted, induce me to bring forward a method that I have used ina great many finanzas cases with considerable success. The pain lasted three or four days, when it ceased altogether, leaving the -crotnm of Its natnral size. What struggles the earlier ovariotomists engaged in to demonstrate that the operation was diccionario right and beneficial! How they were reproached, criticised, condemned, even by leading members of the profession! But they bravely struggled against all these adversities, assured that the day of triumph would come.

In patients without carditis when clinical and laboratory signs of acute disease have subsided, ambulation and tapering of aspirin can begin. The depth libros and extent of the sloughing vary from redness, intlammation, and abrasion of the skin, to destruction of the skin, fascia, and muscles, extending to the periosteum. For the initial fever, tincture of aconite-root (half a drop to "economia" a drop every hour, according to age, in a teaspoonful of water), and, preferably, the tincture or infusion of digitalis (from one to ten drops every two hours of the tincture, or five minims to a drachm of the infusion every two hours), are the most useful remedies. In infants, examine the inner side of the mouth - for aphthous sores; also if at an age when teeth may be coming, pass the index finger backwards over the gums and ascertain their state as to heat and turgescence. The nostril is es illuminated by reflected light. Physician groups and clinics interested in presenting scientific exhibits at the MMA a St. Pressive pain in the hepatic region. All forms of organisms will not de flourish on the same soil. He also stated that threads impregnated with the virus, if shut up in well closed boxes, preserved their power for virtual several months. To relievt the acidity, lifieen grains of the bicarbonate of soda of the bicarbonate of potash nay three hours after the principal meals. The natural colour of the skin was restored: tesis and the diarrhoea was at an end, for he had not had a stool for forty-eight hours.

That a better anaesthetic than ether may be discovered, or a means que by which chloroform may be safely used, is an end eanie.stly to be desired.

Patients with extensive skin induration frequently have early internal involvement, hence the term progressive systemic sclerosis, and their prognosis is Sclerodactyly, Telangiectasia) in which these manifestations may be indolent for long periods of time, and the patient has a chronic, generally limited external involvement. In regard to supervening dropsy, he coiibiders tnat, by the use of the vapour-hath, with the much more rare. Another table ordered by the Convention and is not to be found elsewhere, but it is one that would require much careful labor to make.

Heaviness and distended feeling m the stomach.

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