They are of exceeding importance, and we urge everyone to read them carefully.

Walsh, of New York, read a paper entitled"The Passing of Chronic Rheumatism" (Boston Medical and but without any good reason. But even in such cases, the confidence with which the physician might attack them on this account would be lessened by the recently acquired knowledge that in some cases which were supposed to be simply lupus, after the injection evidences of pulmonary tuberculosis were found, which had previously been undetected by physical signs, or by the microscope. Other physicians agreed to these views, as a matter of course.

The medical estimate format should be considered more as a tool to assist the medical planner than as a form to regiment or complicate the task. He talks constantly in a nonsensical way.

For instance, there are very many cases where some disease such as acute pneumonia or hepatic cirrhosis lights up a tuberculosis which had hitherto been only smoldering. Pitch of the percussion note when the mouth is opened and closed. The differences are evidently those of locality and cultivation, and cannot be considered as specific. The distribution of Liatris odoratissima is quite abundant, but peculiar. Tuberculous subjects sleep well if they avoid overexercise, and as their nutrition improves. The future is almost hopeless, for a boy who at school practised dishonesty in his sports. And again, in large cities the people frequently remove from one place to another, so that neighbors are practically strangers, and, altogether, the people are at last content to limit their acquaintance to relatives or near friends, or perhaps to business associates, or to their fellow-members in the reason why, in large centers, there is a lack of individualization. Another advantage of the college proper, of the medium size, is that it gives opportunity for individualization. Gunshot wounds through the heart, lungs, or abdomen, as examples show, hy no means suspend the power of voluntary action, and even when there has been consideral)le injury to the brain from bullet wounds of the skull, the injured person, as was seen over and over again in the South African War, may still be capal;)le of considerable power of action ( Observations on the Animal (Economy, tSclieller's Translation. It varies in color and purity, according to the ingredients and mode employed in its manufacture, and as found in commerce is often of a dark green contains no free potash, which secures its even action upon the skin, and prevents the excoriations which sometimes follow the violent inunction of this remedy when the alkali exists in an iincombined state.

Here the old adage," an ounce of prevention," etc., comes in good play.

He states that the superior visual acuity of Indians and other savages is due to the necessity of concentrating their attention on objects on which their food and safety depend, which demonstrate that the out-of-door eyesight of civilized peoples averages as high as that of the uncivilized. On the other hand, the admission rate for malaria among strength per month and in Korea the malaria rate among enemy prisoners of war was less than one per thousand rates among prisoner of war populations, additional assumptions regarding the expected total duration of treatment are required. This consists of a shoe of the common English form, with intended to relieve the feet from the restraint of the shoe and nails, by admitting the natural expansion of the hoof, and thus avoiding all the evils arising from shoes made on the common principle. No case in which I failed to find the bacilli has yet developed consumption, which speaks something both for careful work and positive value of a negative result. If it occurs below the fold in the groin, it is a femoral hernia, almost the only groin hernia that occurs in females. None but intimate friends known to be pure should be allowed to kiss the baby. Owing to its hormone character, the active constituent should l)e, and is, found in the blood. A better one than most of those offered for sale can be made by placing a piece of thick, white flannel in the bottom of a large flower-pot, previously cleansed by scalding, placing on that a couple inches of fine gravel, on that a thin layer of coarse sand, then six or eight inches of fine sand over all, and well pressed down.

There is far more danger from infection at night and on damp or cloudy days, hence leave your home as little as possible except when the sun is shining brightly; from ten o'clock till four is considered the safest for being abroad. MODIFICATION OF EQUIPMENT Material may be modified to increase safety of personnel, reduce excessive maintenance, or increase combat or operational effectiveness. In general, as soon as a dislocation occurs, a surgeon should be called, but frequently a dislocation may be reduced by an intelligent bystander through steady the bone above the dislocated joint, while he pulls on the limb below the dislocation, and in the natural line of the limb. On no pupil was his influence stronger than on John Cleland, who of the Firth, but his chief energies were given to furthering those problems at which Owen and Goodsir had worked concerning the demonstrator with Cleland, are marked by his own strong individuality (

Calx iodata would seem just the remedy. Two teaspoonfuls of witch hazel, or listerine, or one teaspoonful of carbolic acid, added to one pint of boiled water, also makes a good remedy; and a teaspoonful of pulverized alum to a pint of boiled water is useful when the eyes are itching. The intra-uterine douche seems to have no value as a mechanical agent, for the percentage morbidity in infected cases when sterile water or salt solution was used was twice as great as when the uterine cavity was simply wiped out with sterile gauze.

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