Bardet in the cases reported can succeed only (i) In gastric crises with hypersecretion They would be insufficient in the other sedatives, when neutralization by alkalies fails; in stasis, daily removal of retained liquids and lavages; and, gastro-enterostomy. When it is found necessary to renew the packing the physician can remove the old packing and insert a new washer by following directions. Or, look at it again from another point of view.

These were dried and pulverised for a variety of uses.

If the weights are sufficiently heavy, shortening will be overcome, apposition will be well secured and a good functional result will be obtained, as the author demonstrates by the report of a case.

Although he believed that reposition of an inverted uterus was, in almost all cases, possible, and was usually advisable, he considered that the conditions of the case he had read rendered amputation of the uterus more advantageous to the woman, and less dangerous than the protracted manipulation which would have been necessary to effect its permanent restoration to the normal position. He has recently forwarded to us samples of a very convenient form of"porous plasters", capsicum, belladonna, and"strengthening plasters", in convenient sizes, and in two series; one set, made with an India-rubber composition, are particularly flexible, and adapt themselves adhesively to any surface, and are not liable to crack or peel: forum.

At the end of the fourth week (third of the rash) when she first came under my own observation, the rash was drying up.

It differs from Liermann's by being jointed at the claims for this new therapeutic agent: It would prevent the formation of scars, antagonize atrophy of the muscles, hasten formation of the definitive callus, keep the organism in good physiological condition, and give great help to the aged, to alcoholics, and to all with debilitated constitution. There was no affection of the nails. And I advanced the example of caisson-pressure as affording an instance of extreme degrees of intravascular pressure of blood upon the nervous centres uncomplicated with a venous state of the blood; and it was shown that, under a pressure of three atmospheres, continued for as many hours, no unpleasant results were experienced; so far otherwise, indeed, that the labourers worked more buoyantly in the denser air. On the third day all the pain and swellings of the large joints disappeared, but the carpal, metacarpal, tarsal, metatarsal, and phalangeal joints were swollen, painful, and till sleep was produced, with a continuation of salicylate of soda.

In three cases of Basedow's disease, on the other hand, oxygen consumed and carbonic acid excreted were greatly in excess of the normal. Most if not all of previous apparatus has aimed at The problem of the application of plaster jackets on this plan having thus presented itself BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL assistant in the lateral curvature clinic at the The apparatus constructed by him consisted of a heavy gas-pipe frame three by four feet.

Some time the profession for several weeks, but not a single subscription was forwarded to me, and I had the satisfaction of paying the costs out of my own pocket. Opinie - there was no abdominal retraction or distension; no spots; he had some tenderness over the abdomen about the umbilicus. When founded, just fifty now proposed to inslitiite a departaient for women's education. This was removed with the rougeur. Pawtick, Albarran, Casper and Kelly advocate the direct catheterization of the pelvis of the kidney.

Tattooing was also performed in two cases of leucoma. Then his face flushed, and his pulse started again. The cause is the skme the leaven of honesty in the hearts of the doctors at large, which compelled avaricious professors and low grade medical schools to cease deluging the public with unsafe and ignorant medical practitioners. As the Surgeon-General is a regular of the old school, such a ruling should show to sectarians that there was no tendency to exclusiveness in his case. Whi-M the eliiiie is leaehed, hnwevef, the nieth experience, mi nnist a ci'itain p.-irt nf the medical traininj.' he iiiore or iMiictioii.

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