It has of determining the antitryptic coefficient, and of utilizing the latter in the differentiation of the gravid from the non-gravid condition, and also The cause of the antiproteolytic power of the blood serum is attributed to an increased concentration of the latter in the products of protein metabolism, which increase tends to inhibit, according to certain well-defined laws governing the reversibility of enzyme action, the further progress of proteolysis. Good Lord, man! Who could have guessed the wonders the last few of them have been showing us, just along our own line of march?" Douglas grunts assent, between the puffs of his kindling"Yes," he says, when it is kindled.

After a tenure of the Holt Fellowship of Patho Icgy in the University of Liverpool he turned his attention later on to the office he held at the time of his death. Fiillowing the description of his own treatment he gives summaries of methods that have been advocated during the ten years by various writers on gonorrhoea in women. " Take a Belladonna plaster, four by six inches in dimensions." In this case eniplastrum should be in the accusative If, however, we order plaster by weight and direct Extende supra Emplastrum Resinse et admove supra nucham. For a considerable time she had suffered from neuralgic pains of the back and lower extremities, which suddenly ceased on the occurrence of paraplegia and frequent retention of urine, that confined her to bed for many months. From the method of preparing it, in an atmosphere of dry carbonic acid, the phosphorus is entirely dissolved without oxidation, and by our mode of manipulation a positive uniformity of strength is ensured. Mary's grew so rapidly and the number of patients increased to such an extent, that it soon outgrew its original quarters in the museum of the hospital, which were found to be too small and otherwise inconvenient. In medicine, also, much valuable time could be saved if the student would first master the meaning of the technical terms by which the principles of the science are to be carried into his mind.

Figures it is good in the firft, (econd, and tenth is good in the eighth houfc, and very ill in the fecond. So to a certain Lady a black Cloak, wherewith (he dreamt her felf cloathed for to go to a Funeral, foretold her own learning, Philolophy, and other Sciences: But fince we have fpoken fufficiently as to journeys A certain man being to enter an Order of Monk?, did often dream he was dead, and that not without door CO door; by which dream, bis change of liFc and entrance into the Order was confirmed.

In this judgement moveable Figures that are governed by moveable Idea's ShaU the Querent marry more then o?ice? I Fthe fignihcators of Marriage be double- bodied, they declare the Qiierent (be it either man or woman) to once, chiefly from the fifth, feventh or eighth But if you finde the fignificators of marriage in fixed places, and fixed, and in Afpeft with not above one Figure; you may tell the Qiierent ( let it be either he or (he) that it prefages marriage nd more then once. Clinical instruction will likewise be given at the Dispensarv of the College.

These inquiries on the whole were advantageous to the reputation of the medical profession and of anaesthetists in particular. Constant desire, only little being passed. This may have been due to removal of muscular spasm causing the phrenic nerve causing the diaphragm to act more sometimes contracted, and its combined action with the pectorals seems to be the cause of the scapulas being pulled round the side of the chest. On SaUinlay morning operations were witnessed at the ihiee gynaecological wards of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, and in the afteruouu the members relaxed the bow by playing golf or making shoi t invitation ot the Obstetric and Gynaecological Seclion of tlio Royal Society of Medicine. A contribution to the question whether the bite of the skunk is poisonous and will produce rabies. Disease are exemplified in one of my own patients. Adler of New York said that for two years he had had under observation a case of undoubted Addison's disease.

In general, the leucocytosis represents the reaction of the body to the organism. The organism responsible for this condition was the Bacoli, whereas that obtained from the jugular vein was the Staphylococcus aureus. Drainage was pushed down through the cervix as before. What silicia is to chronic suppurative processes, like, fistulae, hepar sulphur is to acute, like proctitis. Nothing can be more disgusting to the educated and sensible man, than to see the editors of those journals prostituting their columns to the difiusion of ignorant and mendacious impositions, and we trust that before long, no greater condemnation can attach itself to the reputation of a medical man, than to have his name vaunted and his deeds praised, in the ignorant effusions of This course of instruction has just closed, and the gentlemen engaged in it have great reason to congratulate themselves on the success which has crowned their efforts.

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