Another year must be either in the same University, or in som.e other University entitled to give the in Surgery unless two years at least of his four years of medical and, surgical study shall have been in one or more of the following Univer- I Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Oxford, or Cambridge; Trinity College, Dublin;' at least six winter months on the medical or surgical practice of a General Hospital which.accommodates at least eighty patients, and I during the s.ime period, on a course of Practical Anatomy; and one year's attendance, to the extent of four of the departments of medical schools of London, or in ihe school of the College of Surgeons in Ireland, or of such teachers of Medicine in Edinburgh or elsewhere as' shall from time to time be recognised by the University Court, may be reckoned as one of the four years. He applied pressure and maintained it carefully for some days, by which means, and without any ligature, life was preserved, and all haemorrhage prevented: review. Has had no such attack since he was eighteen. Bronchopneumonia is a rare cause of lucinoptysis. They are first filled, and may then be placed in the blood-vessels, or in the alimentary canal, or in any internal cavity.

I am repeatedly seeing cases of this nature. Thus, as an example, if there be one word which is more clearly the"note" of pathology than any other it is the word"inflammation". Lord Selborne merely quoted this review in an unreported speech made at the Samaritan Hospital. Connecticut, sev il years since, adopted a less stringent and more com ton-sense law, which has resulted in much more itisl'actory instruction. Facts like these give strong support to the hypothesis that in all the contagious and infectious complaints, and in some self-limited ones which are not contagious, a specific germ is a sine qua tion to the development of the disease. These facts furnish very strong arguments in favor of the view that the membranous cases of scarlet fever are really what they appear to be clinically; that is, combinations of the two diseases in question.

The white sublimate has the properties of butalanin, and the non-volatile residue, which solidifies on cooling, and is soluble in alcohol, ascertained results, according to the following equations: In the crystalline deposits which furnish tyroleucin much leucein and butalanin are contained.


May be dismissed without discussion in all clean dissections of the neck in which the wound does not communicate with the mouth, the air passages or the esophagus. It is nevertheless true that no one set of men or no one school of medicine is responsible for what still remains in the form of commercial medical education. In the Carnegie to be expended on its work. The poly nuclear formula indicates the presence of a widespread tuberculous or gummatous condition with necrotic change. The third examination is divided into two parts. Amjlon also has the empirical formula of CgHigOg, but most inquirers agree that this formula has at least to be doubled to express the considerations which arise from the simplest reaction.

The gen- ated solution, then sponged dry and eral condition must be built up by hav- with a good light, a wide exposure and ing the patient rest a half hour morn- plenty of deliberation, the application is the city patient, endeavor to lessen the intercourse. Tin laltri'llir raiial is tlirii illiiininalnl.

The problem of human goiter at the present time is practically one of a study of toxic (exophthalmic) goiter, since the simpler forms are easily controlled. We have repeatedly urged that the proper place for a medical school is within a university; but there is no saving grace in the mere name. Resources available for maintenance: The department shares the university funds, its Laboratory foicilities: The equipment and instruction are of the highest quality. This observation was likely to shake the belief in the peculiarity of many of the so-called specific ferments, and made the digesting power of the so-called insectivorous plants a particular case of a widely diffused faculty of vegetals. In the Manchester Royal Infirmary also, where the antiseptic treatment is equally followed, there is only one death out of twentyfour operations, and that after amputation. In the work of diagnosis, however, the microscope becomes the practitioner's most valuable instrument. If it is possible for the ovum so to push itself through the wall of the Fallopian tube, why should it not corrode its way through the uterine wall? It appears to me that wherever the ovum is lodged and fertilized it is simply a question of obstruction to its descent and its external expulsion through the os uteri externum, whether the ovum remains lodged in its own Graafian follicle, in the Fallopian tube, or in the uterine cavity and here lays the foundation for an ovarian, tubal, or a normal uterine pregnancy. Better selection of cases and improved technic have materially reduced the immediate mortality rate. During the entire mastoid complication he did not have any pain referable to the middle-ear, nor had he had any previous ear disease at any time in his life. After the removal of the tumour, he cleared out the cavity with much care; and, if any obnoxious fluid had gained admission, he poured one or more kettlefuls of warm carbolic solution (i in on her side, the viscera being protected by a large soft sponge. The friends were all much alarmed at first; but being assured that I had never experienced any other than a salutary she was able to go about, greatly reviews relieved in every particular, indeed considering herself so well as to neglect my urgent request, that she would for some time, take medicine sufficient to procure at least two passages a day.

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