In the treatment of such cases first be sure of nonunion, it may be simply delayed union. Phi Alpha Gamma dangerous." From the day when, as a green and gawky freshman, Larry went to the Lion's Den enquiring concerning hygiene, to the day he looks his last patient in the face, Larry will always be"dangerous." Dangerous to disease, dangerous to bigotism, dangerous to hypocrisy. Daily routine examinations of the urine were made. The others are the neurotics who tremble, the emotional who get excited, and the immature and weak-willed who leap and run when in the environs of motion and noise. The gastric coupon constitution had scarcely established itself, or become pretty generally diffused, when a new character, viz.

Chronic hoarseness not amenable to treatment, particularly in individuals past forty years of age, must be regarded as suspiciously indicative of malignancy and be kept constantly under observation in order that should such a condition exist it may be detected at the earliest stage possible. He then had an attack of what seemed to be la grippe, and no more injections were given. For this tlierc are two methods of procedure.

Case of twin ectopic gestation which had been treated for indigestion and suspected miscarriage. Shortly after our visit he fell asleep, slept with little interruption for about seven hours, and awoke perfectly rational; and at eight o'clock next morning, vestige of this alarming attack that remained being some intermission in the pulse, "review" which had become in other respects much more natural, and fuller.

We liave seemed to get better results' by straightening them gradually in several sessions.

The injection is usually completed soon after the vagus effect has passed off and the blood pressure then falls gradually until it reaches the level characteristic for spinal dogs. Like Frankel, and other musicians, he had not a great deal to say. Pleural effusions show hypertension which falls upon aspiration. Which the ear is applied directly to the surface to be examined, and mediate or indirect, in which a stethoscope is employed. This applies more especially to the inheritance of syphilis, of tuberculosis, and of various of the drug habits, such as alcoholism, the morphia habit, etc. For they performed the motion by which an egg floated into the uterus and developed into It is likely that the main idea is atavism, a reversion of type to fcetaX-state. The experimental sand filters which have been tried have all permitted the passage of aniebje, so that if it should prove that the ameb?e are pathogenic some other system of purificntion would have to be used. Dissociated jaundice in which bile pigment is shunted into the blood while bile salts pass, as normally, into the intestines is an excellent example of the very delicate functional adjustment of the liver cells.

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