The following report from the Committee on Medical Ethics was read, and such portion of it as related to the action of the Dubuque Medical Society in the case of To the American Medical Association: The Committee on Medical Ethics beg leave to state that, of the subjects referred to them at the last meeting of the Association, they find the following notice in the Society against the New York Medical College, for a violation of the ethics of the of New Jersey, a complaint from the Union and Essex County Medical Society." Upon these several complaints your Committee beg leave most respectfully to That the two complaints from the Medical Societies of New Jersey refer only to one and the same grievance, the particulars of which are set forth in a memorial and which is entitled," Statement of the Newark Medical Association in Reference to a Diploma granted by the New York Medical College." The facts stated in the memorial which is now appended to this report, were, during the last annual meeting of the American Medical Association, examined as carefully as time and opportunity would allow.

When the solution is complete, add eight ounces of avoid the fumes which arise. It is therefore obvious that if as early surgical treatment could be adopted in cases of intestinal obstruction as in cases of strangulated hernia, the present bad results, which every surgeon deplores, would at once improve.

Catii far more attention is being paid to phjsieal ease"" purpose of edncating the mind the bettor. Bristowe, no definite cause of such defect has been ascertained. The figures of the New Tork-MrtWal EFFECTS OP WATEK-DBINKING ON THE HEART. After a time he returned to hospital, and galvanopunctare was employed, with the result that the aneurysm became bard and pulsation disappeared. No digestive trouble, nor sign of any disease whatever had been noted previous to that date. In Blackstone we have it," the law implies a contract on the part of a medical man, as those of other professions, to discharge their duties in a skillful and attentive manner; and the law will grant redress to the party injured, by their ignorance or negligence, by an action on the case, as for a tortious misconduct." Hence, it is clear that a benevolent intention on the part of him who inflicts the injury, will aflbrcl no protection from the penalties of the law. So far we have not found such a case, although Case IX at times was a close example. Thus, both In returning to the Harlem area, we planned to cover the entire district, and hoped to open the service to any person who might be willing to come. The wounds were irrigated with carbolic solution, and a cotton-wool dressing applied. An enlargement of a bursa over the olecranon, occurring in such as are in the habit of leaning much upon it; and, therefore, often seen in those who work on the MLNIM'ETER; badly compounded from minimum and pcrpov,' measure.' An instrument for measuring minims, invented by Mr ( There are some small oblong bodies composed of two oval zeolitic forms united by a transparent substance; sometimes four of these ovals are connected in the shape of a cross. With few exceptions they have the histological characters of recent formations. A predominance of arterial code blood, Arterios'itas sanguinis.

It is aapposed to be hsematin witt tbeim removed. The poor-house pauper has an interest and a right in this matter; the fish-women and scavenger have an interest and right in this matter; the commonest citizen, the most abject menial, as well as the princely merchant and haughty millionaire, have an interest andaright in this matter; and shall it be denied to those strangely called laymen in the profession? shall it be denied to an honorable body, representative in its character, just in its principles, steady in its purposes, and presume to epitomize the general sentiment of the medical profession of the United States? We would not willingly use language calculated to offend or irritate, and if we could find a milder term than arrogance, which could as well convey our meaning, we would use it, but necessity constrains us to say that we deeiji it gross arrogance in those colleges who stand aloof from the Association and deny it the right which they must accord to the humblest of their fellowmen. The pulse was rapid, tense, and corded, and the respiration greatly hurried. Gastroscopy, in my opinion, can be of considerable value in cases of this type. With respect to those thrushes which attack the hind feet, and which sometimes, though is required. Compound powder of tragacantb, two drams. Moss, I will give a few extracts from my log for the outward voyage. A pointed slip of reddened litmus paper being moistened and brought in contact with a little heap of the ignited dumb-bells, its blue colour is restored at the tip. J to Zinci Valrria'nas, Valerianate of Zinc A reviews salt formed by saturating valerianic acid with freshly prepared carbonate of sine.

In a ease of ophthidmic WMLns of exalgine in neuralgia of a syphilitic or ancemic so satiBfaetoiy, while in tliat of the abdominal regions exhibition of one gramme and three- quarters dnriog a pwiod of three days comptetely removed the pain. The patient: was an otbemrise healthy yonngzaan, aged eighteen.


The parietes of the stomach coupon consist of its fibres running longitudinally; others, transversely, and others obliquely; the innermost membrane is of a mucous nature, Crusta villo'sa ventric'uU, Gastro-mycod'eria, but not exactly a continuation of the membrane that lines the oesophagus. The whole surface was covered with granulations, healthy and desirable in character. Of the injury, and tend to prevent the development of reduce the fracture followed by immobilization until healing is obtained, are mentioned.

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