Secondary Syphilis of the Nasal Passages, a series of twenty-five observations recently made in females with secondary manifestations in the skin or in the mucous membranes. With the advent of the colder weather of September and October, I saw with regret that her improvement, hitherto steady, seemed to have suffered a check. Reviews - king, Telfer, Primrose, Bethune, and other leading physicians. Freund appears to be receiving confirmation by the results of some surgical operations recently performed.

S., blood disease in infancy, Ootthell, William S., modem treatment Galnard, A., spinal Injection of cocaine, Hektoen, Ludvlg, actinomycosis of the Herring, Herbert T., mlcrobic infection Jackson, Edward, Iritis and glaucoma, i. If he were called upon to choose one single feature of an organization other in the fight against tuberculosis, he would choose that which kept track and control of the migratory cases. The mental picture is one of progressive dementia. Une toilette minutieuse de la boucbe de mes malades. Tell them," Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone." Why was he upbraided, who went and digged in the ground and hid his talent? Because he neglected his opportunities; he sat down idly and refused to use the means. How, then, can the development of typhus fever be prevented? Medical skill cannot prevent the importation of the disease into localities where it is not indigenous, for this is controlled by state and national authority. Includes the description of the medicines and their It is inconceivable to us why the centesimal scale should be so persistently retained for prescribin'g and marking of attenuations, as it certainly leads to great confusion. Again, scarlet fever may run an irregular course in those cases in which there is present an extensive infiltration of the tissue of the neck, with inflammatory products, swelling of the glands, and extensive suppuration. Since the device described above cannot fail to conduce to comfort, safety and freedom from vermin or other contamination, the expense, transportation and trouble of arrangement would he amply compensated in all but temporary trenches. But the author limits himself to a discussion of the'inyolyement devoted to the subject in medical literature. When no haemolysis has occurred the cultures of the supernatant fluid have invariably proved negative.

Pulmonary tuberculosis (twenty-five to thirty per cent.) and uraemia (ten to twenty per cent.) are the most frequent causes of death. On their arrival in Canada, they took up a consider able tract of land in the unbroken wilderness on the north shore of Lake Erie, hitherto the reserve of the Six Nation Indians, from which they were then in process of removal. Rolph remained in England until of George Salmon, of Thornbury:" To Philemon Salmon, the gift of his Godfather and friend. - at present they are elbowed out of their practice by men who can neither read nor write so as to be That illiterate and incompetent persons found their way into Upper Canada during the first fifteen years of this century may be gathered from letters which appeared in the Kingston signed" Candidus," giving a copy of an account sent to Mrs. Since in the two cases the same drug was being used, the failure in one case and success in the other must be solely attributed to the way in which the drug was My long clinical experience has furnished abujidant evidence that the activity of a given dose of a mercurial solution is much increased by giving it several times during the day, instead of all in a single dose.

In the same year we find him delivering the closing lecture of the Mechanics Institute. Major Eggers' report shows its occurrence at Camp Funston and in the to six days, there were in only a few cases recurrences in the same organization within the usual incubation period of the disease. As many as three or four relapses may occur, but ordinarily the convalescence becomes complete after the second remission.

One other point about this pulse is that the percussion-wave may be either pointed or rounded.


These auxiliary agents had a complex end in view.

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