The magistrates, in dismissing the case, expressed an opinion that it was of such a nature that it was advisable that the matter should be tried in a higher court. For many of the vegetable poisons tannic acid proves advantageous, being at once an antiferment, and fitted to unite with or-ganic alkaloids, rendering them less soluble and otherwise often changing their properties.

The firs: thing which the tuberculosis associations should do was to look to the education of the Health could demonstrate the economic side of the question in the loss to the community in wages and in other experience in Scranton. In a paper on this subject, published in the Neiv York Medical belief exists in the community, lay as well as medical, that material progress has been made of late years in the use of electricity as applied to the cure of lurethral stricture. The author believes that this case affords evidence in favor of Senator's theory that orthostatic albuminuria is due to angioneurotic changes in the kidneys, and he suggests that some irritation from the gastrointestinal canal probably underlies the occurrence of Mayer, by proceeding along the lines suggested by Briegner and Mayer, who extracted active substances from living bacilli by agitating them with distilled water, have succeeded in producing a preparation which, when injected into the human body, provokes the formation of bodies protective against typhoid infection. Low which is due largely to the great numbers of very small and larger parasites, the majority too small and delicate to be clearly defined. Leading members of the profession in Quebec. He therefore had partial When asked to read he did so to himself and aloud accurately. This can be used in any amount, and at high pressure, with entire safety. In man three distinct forms are recognized, i. Later, when degeneration of the liver has reached an extreme point, these will be of no avail. - sarcoma usually invaded distant oigans through blood-vessels, carcinoma through the lymphatics.

During the four years which have now elapsed since I was cured, my own health has been so good, as compared with what it was before that, to my mind, the value and permanency of the cure possible through this system of medicine are established beyond a doubt. The needle was a good means of arriving at a diagnosis, provided one fell upon the pus; but the not finding pus was no proof that pus was not present Sometimes, where general suppurative peritonitis was suspected, no tumor could be felt, and in such cases he thought it was advisable to operate.

Case of ozaena, in which purulent lepto-meningitis was found associated The author considers the ulcerated nasal mucosa the primary source Dr. There was a a haemorrhage, which Dr. As immigration into an area of operations must always be at the expense of the mosquito population immediately outside it, the average density of the whole area affected by the operations must be the same as if no immigration at all has taken place. In adult life, however, the rule is to have these relations reversed. I made no positive cold water. These may attain a large size, cause adhesion to adjacent organs, and rupture into the chest, the colon, stomach or peritoneum. It was one of the greatest pests both of man and beast. Foo again began to make visits to San Bernardino, and I again had chances to watch, the effect of his treatment. It was not very easy to make out the differential diagnosis.

When the patient was coming to the hospital, she slipped a,nd fell on her left knee and as a result after the operation an effusion appeared in the joint which gave us the only trouble we had, and was not well wlien she left the liospital. Given similar requirements, and examinations practically of the same character, with evidence of good character, the state board should be given power to register a man on payment of the usual fee.

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