On his return to Germany, he determined to follow an example which had already produced such excellent results: and, a few weeks since, he opened his first Samaritan School (Samariter Schule). THE THERAPEUTICAL VIRTUES OF SANMETTO. When they are first out of bed they are kept playing quietly in the house or on the piazza; then they are allowed on the street, at first only with an older person or at the time when the other children are at school and finally are sent back to school again themselves, beginning with onh' one session a day so that the afternoon nap may be continued. The choice lies between the reclining board, the old"spinal supports", and Sayre's calisthenic exercise, with or without the jacket.

It is surprising how much good food value can be obtained for a few cents. Dental granuloma never takes place where pulp continues devitalized. This is the usual course, but here also the modification in the tomatolgy of the prodromic form so loudly spoke, are seen, even more clearly, in the strong tendency to relapse which these cases show.

For our own part we find no need for the term as we have not But what serious objections are there to using Ihe term"defective delinquent"? There are none, if by it we mean those delinquent individuals who are defectives. It is also produced by habitual gluttony, and particularly by an habitual and immoderate use of spirits; which have the strongest tendency to render torpid the collatitious organs of digestion, and especially the liver; whence congestions and other obstructions, and whence, too, the larger and more dangerous hemorrhages tliat occur in As these causes are widely different in their mode of action, though they concur in producing the same effiects, the treatment must vary in like manner. Eight to ten ounces of pus were evacuated, and a large drainage tube was Following this opening there persisted very profuse discharge, necessitating dressings twice a day for a period of about six weeks, at the end of which time the patient died.

Recovery of mother Was called at about the time that treatmentabroad.com true labor pains commenced. In one case inflammation or irritation of the gastric mucous membrane may exist, while in the other depression and a depraved functional activity prevent the organ from retaining food by some nervous reflex fertility.treatmentabroad.com which we do not understand. The cavity is then, under slight pressure, irrigated with a warm solution of salicylic acid, and the walls of the cavity carefully sponged of all traces of fibrinous matter, by means of a sponge in a handle, and through and through drainage established bj drawing a tube from one opening to the other, and securing it.


While the pupils remain contracted and immobile, reflexes cease in the various We have frequently observed in our experience that sensation does not disappear at the same time in all tissues, being last retained by the organs under spinal control.

Born Suwolk, Poland Russia, March House Physician, Central Free Dispensary, Maimonides Kosher Hospital and Surgeonin-Chief.

While much more work upon this subject is needed before our information will be exact or complete, the observations and experiments of already demonstrated that bacteria may exert their blood-destroying power within the living body. It is a notable fact that of a number of fatal cases returned as remittent fever, where the post appearances disclosed an absence of any intestinal glandular lesion, the subjects are older men and longer resident in the country: whereas, where ulceration of Peyer' nd, but the fever has been diagnosed r.s remittent or enteric fever, the subjects are, as" Making every allowance for carelessness on the part of some, and for the tendency, inseparable from all official systems of registration and:, to execute clinical work in - tv manner, or to assign some cause without considering its relevancy or adequacy, medical ofi'.cers have utterly failed in India to satisfactorily trace out the intimate connection of the disease with filth-causet of specific infee ith which, according to European authorities, it is invariably connected. Many of the inmates, however, had suffered from various forms of indisposition, such as sore-throat, diarrhoea, and a general sense of heaviness and malaise; ard these chietly affected newcomers.

Hydrochloride of urea and quinine is probably the least toxic of all the local anaesthetics. Improvement in this direction has certainly taken place, and notably through the substitution of corrosive sublimate solution in the stead of carbolic acid, the presence of which in the tissues always acts as an irritant, leads to the production of pus, and so creates a necessity for drainage of the wound. Means of a special apparatus, the thoracodynamometer, able to measure the strength and endurance of the muscles of inspiration, and thus to judge of the tendency of the lungs to become tuberculous. The annual general meeting the Parkes Museum of Hygiene was held on Tuesday, April iSth, in the Museum of University College. No other stone of any size was passed, as the careful examinations of the stools proved. This enables one to become familiar Not only is this an exhautive work, but it is exact, painstaking and authoritative, every word has been carefully considered by eminent scientists and philologists We beleive it to be the best dictionary, all things considered, in the English language; it is clear, complete, accurate, systematic, to the point, and very convenient, besides being cheap enough to be within the reach of all.

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