Allahabad - --"'UC.-fvl,'i,H I, Tivoli Terrace, South Kingstown, Dublin Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, S.E. Emery-Heroguelle, who made it the subject of his inaugural thesis.

Public opinion is rapidly coming around to the common sense view in favor of this important hygienic reform, and broad religious sentiment is pronouncing in its favor. The prevention and treatment of congenital deformity and any possible deformity following birth is really a national matter, especially in this country, where an everincreasing mass of aliens, illiterate to a great extent, ignorant, superstitious and with slight government restrictions are entering through many ports, crowding already congested city centers, constantly adding to an existing medical burden that falls heavy on the taxpayer. The lesions proved to be tuberculous mail and the organism of the bovine type. But an occasional Cooke's pill I have found to produce a very pleasant effect when what is known as a"bilious" state of the system prevails, as it is apt to do in old persons.

H., case of backward dislocation of radial.side of carpus with fraction of radius and Beer to disguise the taste of castor-oil, lOS; of castor duct, by the intermittent and nocturnal use of Berger, M. The "" cyst was stitched to the abdominal wall.

As it may be of interest I will here give the subsequent history of the case. The Irish Medical Association prayed that the Court above should decide. It will be seen that three only of the trials, recognizing that we have not sufficient evidence to permit of forming a complete judgment as to whether the inoculated and uninoculated be truly comparable in other respects, we shall not be going too far if we assert that these three results establish a presumption in favour of the Powell used a twenty-five to thirty-six hours' culture of the vibrio; sterilized water was added to one-third height of the agar, the growth was washed off and suspended in water by shaking; the dose used tor mi adult was

The patient had previously been thoroughly washed and the pubes shaved, and the hypogastrium covered by lint saturated with corrosive sublimate solution. There is much food for doctors in the Delineator. The incubation-period of scarlet fever has been tlie mode of transmission and period of incubation of diphtheria ( It would seem to needlessly confine the child in a position which might become exceedingly irksome, and yet he claims not.

Dilke voting in its favour; but, though put down repeatedly to be considered in Committee, it was, owing to the pressure of other business, never brought on: Treves has recently declared that the belt is not advisable after ovariotomy and allied operation.s, as it interferes with the natural process of recovery which the muscles, weakened by long distension, would undergo if left to support themselves. In December an instructive discussion on the treatment of hy latid cysta in the liver took place; it was inaugurated by Dr. Baldwin, always critical, was respectful of Barton but remarked on one occasion that he was not always able to"guess his Baldwin wrote:"Like my preceptor, Dr. It is to be hoped that figures giving the exact ages of all the cases will be published.

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