Calculus anuria was suspected, but an examination by Roentgen ray showed no stone, and examination of a stool revealed the presence of mercury. The appearance of the patient suggested a profound sepsis. It is an effective remedy in hay-fever, rose-cold, and all coryzal and asthmatic attacks of a paroxysmal nature, particularly when these are associated with a dull ache in the front portion of the The paste, or solid extract, forms an excellent dressing for cancerous ulcers.


The welfare of the nation depends upon whether or no rational action be taken in this matter and rational action must be in accordance with the laws of science. Since that time he has been able to walk without assistance, but still does not walk well. The special diagnosis of exceptional tumours in the mediastinum can only be made by exclusion of the more common varieties, and review by detailed consideration of the clinical and pathological features of each individual case, but it is often impossible. Scarcely any two observers agree, however, as to the frequency of its occurrence, and many hypotheses have been advanced to explain its presence in some cases and absence in others. The chart indicates the time of occurrence of these complications and of the onset of Bright's disease.

The symptoms and to the size and number of stones.

The question whether salvarsan will make it possible to exterminate syphilis cannot at present be answered, although he states that diphtheria should be treated, not only with serum injection, but also locally, and he especially advises the gargling of the throat with a solution of diphtheria serum and physiological salt, has used a spray, and in diphtheria of the nose, swabbing with the solution; he has also used it in diphtheria of the eye. I must leave the subject of the pecuUaiities of respiration, etc., which ensue after fracture in the cervical region, for another time. The people everywhere should be put on their guard against this slow poisoning, and advised against the use of any syrup or sugar which leaves a metallic taste in the mouth. - the heart region is pleural or pericardial. A concentrated solution is applied to the part by means of the speculum and a cotton tampon, and an injection containing carbolic acid is given to the patient morning and evening. Provoked at the sight, the doctor shot the cur, and carried the. " Considerable alterations have been made in the arrangement of the subjects dealt with in this volume, several new articles have been added, others have been transferred to later volumes, and yet others have been modified or extended, with the result that it is larger than its predecessor profession of medicine in this country may well be proud, and one which, like its predecessor, will be of great value to the investigator and the practitioner who desires to keep himself informed of the advances in medical knowledge and to have the current state of that knowledge conveniently N ATVRE. The Dean's Office makes an effort to assist students in obtaining part-time work during the college year and full-time work during the summer vacation. Therapeusis, the cure of disease, he went on to say, was the end of all medical study, and the term used in this broad sense embraced all means which had to do with the saving of life, the relief of suffering, and the conservation of human energy. In some cases of chloroma the blood-picture is of this type (Sternberg). It has happened in some instances of mediastinal malignant disease that the fibrinous element has so predominated in pleuritic and pericardial effusion that tapping was of little or no service.

I am sure that the regular salicylate injections, whether given into Galliot's point or into the inner third of the buttock, deep into the muscle bundles with an iridoplatinum needle, all glass syringe, and strict asepsis gives more pain than some are wont to admit. This indicates that for each molecule of aspartic or glutaminic acid in gliadin there is one molecule of ammonia. Periodic Exacerbation of the Symptoms and the Question whether the Bleedings are preceded by Prodromal Symptoms. In the upper limb severe lymphangitis with foci of suppuration seems to constitute the corresponding lesion. The class of cases in which the operation is called for already been performed, in which case the adhesions formed by the fistula necessitate laborious dissection and the field of operation is infected; and those in which the bladder is closed, in which case an exploratory incision is called for to ascertain the extent and site of the lesions, unless cystoscopic examination of the bladder suffices to render it unnecessary. Scott and Telling's case the glands presented on section the appearance of red bone-marrow. A close examination of the several tables has convinced us thtit the work has been performed in an exceptionally faithful manner. To find an infant asleep in a room, covered does not- betray much judgment in the one to whom the care and safety of the babe is entrusted.

Anterior surface near lesser curvature Median incision; escape of gas; food and large amount of fluid in peritoneal cavity; larger perforation closed with catgut sutures through all coats, then wall of stomach turned over t" include both perforations and Lembert sutures; opening above pubes; Median incision; escape of gas; fluid from stomach in abdominal cavity; adhesions to under surface of liver. Science expresses itself as" glad to note" these facts. I have just had a patient get up after an operation for appendicitis upon whoso face, neck, and shoulders there appeared a most profuse and intractable crop of boils.

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