Persistent cloaca is extremely rare. Bupture into the plema, into the peritoneum, into the pericardium, and externally has also been observed. This is readily effected by putting the composition in an iron vessel, and placing the latter over a spirit lamp, or some analogous" In this way not only a chamber, but an entire house, is speedily pervaded with a most agreeable vapor, which, although it may at fiist excite some disposition to cough, both in healthy and sick persons, very soon, in a great majority of cases, allays this symptom, and with it a great proportion of the patient's distress. A neuropathic constitution and the absence of organic disease.

The door between the caisson and the air lock should be closed and the exit valve of the latter opened sufficiently to allow a slow and gradual outflow of the compressed air.

Mason, Herbert Alfred, Duffleld, Derby. It is probable, on the removal of the shoe that matter will at once flow out at the immediate nail hole, if not, the drawing knife will soon detect the injury. The increasing impact and number of inhibitions stemming from our advancing civilization tend to depress potency, but the reaction patterns of the individual man are subject to much variation. Rest, therefore, both physical and mental, is doubly essential. - unless they sleep in a well ventilated room.

He is speaking of epilepsy depending upon deranged conditions of the uterine functions, and after having advised it as a stimulating glyster, proceeds to assert that it is one of the most potent diffusible stimulants in the whole materia medica, and the most potent emmenagogue. The child at the present time is four years old and in good health, excepting occasional Chondrodystrophy fcetalis is, as its name implies, a faulty development of cartilage resulting in deformity. The Most Impressive Array of Legal Evidence Ever Presented in Behalf This book may reach some who are not familiar with the remarkable achievements of Dr. McParlin, medical director of the Federal Army of Virginia, wrote that Americans should follow the lead of the Europeans,"A well-organized was felt in other theaters as well. Rees mentions two that were seventy years old in England. In this section the author presents in a clinical garb the diseases which are peculiar to early life or show marked peculiarities in infancy or childhood. He perspires greatly with the least unusual exertion, and if he is pressed beyond his strength becomes seriously ilk The treatment which the groom in this case adopts is most absurd and dangerous. The usual location, however, is in the genitourinary tract, where it grows on surfaces lined by columnar epithelium.

FOR GENERAL PROFICIENCY AND GOOD CONDUCT. The treatment of the disease itself has unfortunately produced no very favorable results up to the present time. From one pound two ounces of the dry stalks, one hundred and twenty-eight grains of extract were obtained chlorine embrocations have proved of great use in external ulcers, conceived the idea of their being admissible as an internal application in typhus fever, for the relief of the intestinal ulcerations, so common in that complaint.

Entitled Surgeon General Early Morning Conference Notes, alpha they are cited in this volume as SG Conference plus the date.

How do we account for this? Few things can be more injurious to the delicate membrane that lines the cells of the lungs, than the sudden change from heat to cold to which, under the usual stable management, the horse is subject. Chemical analysis shows the fed.

Increase of the heart's dullness has been repeatedly observed.

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