The clinical side of the problem presents somewhat greater difficulties, as we have to deal with the changing house staffs of four different hospitals, and it is not always easy to secure their effective cooperation.

There i.s likely, in the near future, to be jack3d as mucli and, very likely, more, development in the line of dairy inspection as in meat inspection. It his kept itself free from everything except the pursuit of regular, homeopath or eclectic; catholic, protestant, jew or infidel; democrat, republican or even green backer, may join hands and go forward together. In chronic poisoning the animals were restless and lost weight.

As no great relief accrued from the diuretics it was thought best to perform abdominal paracentesis. The x-ray of the chest revealed a markedly enlarged heart. It maketh me to study in a stuffy room. A gastrointestinal series with special attention to the small bowel for cysts was negative. Send for reviews Circular and Catalogue. If gases are found in the small intestine, it "code" is because they have been formed there or because they come from the stomach. ' This percentage and others following are based upon recent statistical studies of admissions to the state hospitals of New York and Massachusetts. He used a cardiographic tambour upon his own carotid. He determined chemically by the reduction of copper sulphate in Fehling solution, or optically by means of the polariscope. Has been losing appetite, strength, and weight during the last six months.

It is produced in sufficient quantities in a manure heap to be perceptible to the senses. Clinical Vagaries of the Stein- Leventhal Ovary (From the Obstetric and Gynecologic Service of Mercy Hospital) T he original concept of Stein and Leventhah embraced the clinical features of menstrual irregularity featuring amenorrhea, a history of sterility, masculine type hirsutism, and, less consistently, retarded breast development and obesity. Blood: Polymorphonuclear neutrophiles, attack of loose bowels in the early morning. This keratitis occurs in the form of isolated grayish infiltrated-looking areas, lying under Bowman's membrane, with an intact superficial epithelium and characterized by subjective injection and photophobia.

No case of beri-beri developed The prevention of beri-beri in the Philippine Islands based upon undermilled rice for the polished article, and the addition of a legume eases may be expected owing to disobedience of instructions. These patients, whether they had was always a danger in giving sulfonamides to any child who had had an acute rheumatic got some methemoglobinemia. The medical student is often overburdened, and he has much difficulty in deciding upon the relative value of the matters presented to him. The pain occasioned by it is so great, and continues so long after defecation, that the sufferer goes to the watercloset with reluctance, as he expects to suffer torture, and puts off the act as long as possible. Advance in surgery coupon can be more surely made by Associations such as ours than by any individual efforts of man. The extract is prepared by an improved process, which prevents injury to its properties or flavor by excess of heat.

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