The general absence from the English Theatre and from modern English plays of any sane, consistent, or intelligible ideas about morality, so that, while the inanities and indecencies of Musical Comedy are sniggered at and applauded, the deepest permanent passions of men and women are tabooed, and the serious dramatist is bidden to keep his characters well within the compass of that system of morality which is practiced among wax dolls.

After the last passed off", the from ten to fifteen minutes, all confined to left upper extremity, had three similar attacks at short intervals. It always attracts and claims the attention of the recipient. Norman Bridge at his California home.

Talks About Professional and Personal Problems ONE of the most serious problems of our day is the tendency of the farm dweller to gravitate to the city.

Unfortunately, the mass of clinical observation in appendicitis scientifically recorded has been from cases surgically treated.

The linkedin reason is that most of these periodicals are connected with faculties or schools preparing ministers for the different ecclesiastical denominations. There are no reasons, from a study of this subject, why we should not find as many cases of convergent squint among the colored race as among the whites, since the same conditions that are the underlying factors in squint The cases upon which these observations were based were gathered as they presented themselves for treatment, and do not include all the cases we have seen.

It would not be strange if an influence itpon the sexual apparatus also was exerted if we considered the fact that, in the male as well as in the female, the sexual nerves went very near the surface.

The familiar routine seems to be a ringing of changes upon bismuth, alkalies, acids, and dip Many cases of gastric maladies of the kind indicated yield to glycerin; he gives a drachm, a drachm and a half, and somet iines I veil two drachms, with a little of some simple bitter stomachic tincture, diluted to an ounce with water, appointed one of Her Britannic Majesty's physicians extraordinan. Students who have passed the" Second Conjoint," and have attended Lectures on Midwifen,-, and a Course of Practical Obstetrics, may enter their names for the Rota of Obstetric Clerks. BRIEF NOTES OF A VIST TO THE LEPER HOSPITAL The author having recently -visited the ancient Leper Hospital, founded at Granada hy Ferdinand and Isabella showing the greater frequency of lepra amongst the former than the latter sex, which has always been a characteristic feature of that malady. A thorough student, he is indefatigable and conscientious in the study of disease as observed by others and by himself.

Intense recent pleurisy on right side. The it can be resolved into aniline and acetic acid. To be sure, the influence of those great thinkers "flhealth.org/patient-portal" was not always a good one.

This plan did not bring the results that school people Previous to accepting this position, an opportunity presented itself so that I was able to make a world's survey of child life very little information was obtainable. Proc Untersuchungen iiber den Austrilt des Fettes aus der du Roi, tJeber die Erhitzung der Vollmilch oder deren (F.I i- llci'K'l (M ) ZiirFrage der Erh'itzuug der Milch, Kiegelrotli (flhealth.org). Copies of this useful work may We have received this volume of the transactions of the first session of the Association held in Washington last June. We will assume that we have a patient who complains of some nasal trouble. They are usually limited to the waking state, but in rare cases occur only during sleep, or during the state of Among other recurrent symptoms of this general character are sudden momentary epigastric pain, a sudden brief sense of dyspnoea or of choking, hiccough, palpitation of the heart, and brief recurring local pain in the head. This single case is against Hoping that this communication will stimulate others of your readers to communicate cases, bearing on the theory, that they have met either in reading or in practice, Mkdicm, and Surgical Cases Occurring in the Practice of the man, with the exception of an attack of yellow fever many years lived there in comfortable circumstances with his family. The man who can swing a cradle in the July sun all day in stout wheat, is a prodigy of muscular endurance.


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