Whatever course the Canadian committee adopts it is earnestly hoped that a considerable proportion of the collected funds will be reserved for the important purpose of reinstating the Belgian doctors and pharmacists at the termination of the war, or when Belgium can be re-occupied by its own population. He gives three quarters of a grain daily, and at the same time prescribes effervescent baths and THE TREATMENT OF TUBERCULOUS DISEASE WITH The Centralblatt fiir innere Medicin for October upon this subject.

It may go unrecognized unless This syndrome may be corrected with adequate salt replacement in the form of salt by mouth. We can not too strongly urge the importance and the benefit to the student of actually handling the wet and dry preparations, pelves in whole or in part, models, and instruments used in the recitation. As has been already conclusively shown, there may be nothing in a fatal case of floridamedicalclinic.com/patient Graves's disease to suggest that there was anything the matter with the thyreoid. Chicks, Culture media, Deoxyribonucleic acid.

One point of (which is more speedy in the appearance, progress, and cessation of toxic symptoms than either alcohol, opium, niorjihine, chloral, or chloroform), is the greater quickness with which the characteristic phenomena of cocaine poisoning set in and pass away. The portal writer concludes:" We may at least say this much for these latter days, that if he (the patient) die, he dies of the disease, not of the physician." In one article is upheld the theory that the presystolic murmur is falsely so called, and is rarely a systolic mitral-regurgitant murmur. You will all remember the historical case of Huntington, in which he transplanted the fibula to replace a defect in the tibia, and how the fibula developed, after some years, to the calibre of the original The use of the bone graft, of course, is nothing new in surgery. It is just as important in bacterial vaccines as in drugs in general to know that a vaccine to be used contains the proper organisms in the proper proportion and that it has been properly prepared.


Rhea reports that there is no congenital malformation of the intestinal tract beyond the fact that it was swollen, though it seemed to me that the small intestine was much smaller than Dr.

The Two other patients, in whom the better lung was in apparently satisfactory condition and in whom satisfactory compression has been obtained, have complications which make the prognosis more of pus (containing many tubercle bacilli without pyogenic organisms). He leaves a widow, five sons and four daughters.

By following the course of the umbilical vein the ductus choledochus will be found on a plane oblique to it. Accordingly, one of the major aims in therapy is to stop or lessen the frequency Focal Seizures. X.: neA'ertheless, as Although it is true that the left ventricle, spared the recoil of regurgitation, does not dilate in stenosis as it does in insufficiency, yet it is untrue, on the other hand, to say that it does not dilate at all; the residual blood on each contraction may be large, and as the auricle gains a little in strength to meet the increased pressure in the ventricle, the contraction volume of this chamber is excessive, and some dilatation is inevitable.

Some.statistics recently com piled for the past fiscal year for comparison with the preceding one will no doubt prove of interest to every member of the veterinary From the statistics above it will be noted that the number of animals tested on private test has doubled since the Federal accredited herd plan was put into effect in Iowa. Her condition, which had up to this time been almost continuously one of incoherence, promptly remained normal thereafter. There will be no charge for registration and attendance of all interested professional personnel will be welcomed subject only to limitations Further information may be obtained by writing to Dr. The difficulties, however, in the way of getting together a representative quorum of the Executive Council at the present time are unsurmountable. Gall-bladder thickened, distorted, and atrophied, and contained a small quantity of bile. Two months after this, on her return from the country, floridamedicalclinic.com I found that all her symptoms had recurred, including the diarrhoea. More commonly the child continues to be feverish and has a troublesome cough, although it may not be croupy in character. There is nothing in the character of the bruits or in the size of the heart to enable us to diagnose infective rather than benign endocarditis; during the course of the disease the murmvu' may undergo some change, but this may also occur in rheumatic endocarditis.

The growth of lupus lesions is decidedly sluggish. Pupils equal, of moderate size, with no reaction to light or to accommodation. The course in medicine at Western University also has been lengthened from four to five years and this is the last time that degrees will be given after four years of study.

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