In other words, while there has been a large number of cases of typhoid fever in town, there has not been one case in one section for three years. A mouthbreathing child should be regarded always as an unhealthy child, and enlarged tonsils, and adenoids should be removed. Carriage and sleigh riding are allowed freely, except to those having high temperatures or other syniptoms of deeidedly active disease.

Notwithstanding the fact that a few literary blemishes mar the" finish" of the work, it is a credit "" to American medical literature and to scientific ophthalmology. The process may be acute, subacute, or chronic; may originate in the tissues about a vein as a periphlebitis, may begin as a lesion of the intima, an endophlebitis, or, rarely, may start in the middle or external coats of the vessel without extension from surrounding tissue. We often see tonsils in children that distinctly project into the pharynx, and do not advise their removal when superficial and do not lie imbedded between the folds of the soft palate.

It is the exception downfall of Feudalism.

Cleveland on the defective transmission of syphilis, by M: The ceremony occurred in on the Western Hemisphere, in a medthe main lecture room or amphitheatre ical school with a seven-year course; of the Medical Department of the Uni- the Faculty for being privileged to versify of San Marcos.

The site was, in "reviews" aboriginal days, an Indian village, and bore the Indian name of Sonyea, with the poetical signification of sunshine. In the severest cases, after repeated hemorrhages of large amount, the blood picture is entirely different.

Pain at McBurney's point was not sufficient for a diagnosis; there must be also collateral testimony, such as the evidence furnished by palpation. It is as yet too early to predict the findings of this board of inquiry, but indications would certainly be that the bucket of whitewash it was thought the committee would splash over the whole affair has already changed in color, and may not do what is expected of it in the way of kalsomining. Myers, LAWRENCE HOSPITAL AND TRAINING SCHOOL condition that it is quite frequent, how- Symptoms Authors who have studied this con- tion of the scrotal contents and will not, dition and reported cases recognize two as a rule, lead to a diagnosis per se. The swellings are rather distinctly limited as a rule, and the child suffers when they are handled.

The cases appear to be more common in private than in hospital practice. These conditions present pictures practically identical with the Hodgkins disease involves a large part of the lymph glandular system. It is the first duty of the physician to see that no second case or number of cases arise from the one he is treating. So far as we know, the protozoa do not themselves excite number of organisms circulating in the blood. He has operated upon three hundred and sixty-two hernias by this method, performing the radical cure, and prefers it in most cases to a general anaesthetic. A Case of Cerebro spinal Meningitis Associated with the Meningococcus of Weichselbaum. The technique of this treatment is as follows: From three to seven needles, which are bound together in a bunch, are thrust obliquely into the skin.

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