Why do not they increase under protection as do moose and the white-tailed deer? Is it not possible that these iDeings had about reached their limit of ailjustment to external conditions and that any slight change in the balance against them was too much for them? Our lives, and even the written records of man, are so short, and it is so hard for us, busy with our daily struggles, to project our thought and imagination far enough backward or forward.


The Humerus, with Dislocation into the Axilla. He is a tall man with an obsequious stoop, and his knees slightly bent. In our own country several writers have recently referred to the suljject, and within a few weeks a large body of select Laboratory and Clinical Methods in Diagnosis." I have thought the matter of sufficient importance to be made the subject of this address. The ball passed in- horizontally, perforating the sigmoid flexure of the colon, but was not found; careful search was not made, as there was great stench and decomposition and the friends were waiting for the body." fsecal fistula, as a secondary result of the injury inflicted by a musket ball: then very feeble, and there was irritability of the stomach, with constant discharge of pus and faecal matter from the wound; lie also expectorated large quantities of muco-purulent matter with a fa?cal odor. Marsh, William Aspinall, Hindley, Wigan.

It has lieen found that on account of tedious labor blennorrhiea of the newborn is observed more fre(juently among the children of primi parse, especially if forceps had to be used, and more frequently among boy babies than girls, as the former have, as a rule, larger heads, and their delivery is consequently more difficult and tedious. There is a marked ditference of opinion as to whether it is more frequently caused by nasal disease or by dental caries. He left a mixture of whisky and water in a glass on the table. The abdomen was tense, and there was retention of urine and a tumor in the perineum. His general condition seems to be no worse for it. The comfortable point of out-door air depends very much on the temperature we have previously been accustomed to; it also varies in different climates and lion of fifteen or twenty degrees imparts an uncomfortable sensation an oppressive sensation of heat.

This is especially true if there is any elevation of the temperature whatever. WOUNDS OF THE SMALL INTESTINES.

Upon close inspection shop it can be seen that no tissues connect these two parts together in any direct manner, the end of the duct being held in close contact with the fang by the gum,' which envelops the tooth, and through which the extremity of the duct passes. The bladder was then thoroughly washed out. After.a few days of constant coughing, marked orthopnea with edema of the linigs developed. There is another explanation that suits my kunden-shop purpose better. The strength of the patient is reduced, and the general condition is that of chronic invalidism.

Good olive oil may also be used as a substitute for butter in oiling bread, cake, and pie pans, or in shortening bread or cakes for those who have not cream, and will have turnips, ground-nuts, artichokes, comfrey, etc., are equally healthful per se, but of different degrees of nutritive power, and of very different degrees of adaptability to weak stomachs, or stomachs accustomed to the ordinary concentrated or mined diet.

It also forms the skin of potatoes, the husk of grapes, gooseberries, etc., the peel and core of apples and pears, the skin and stone of plums, peaches, etc., the seed-coats of the kernels of nuts, the membranous covering of beans and peas, the pod of melons, cucumbers, etc., and the bran of grains. Her respiration, when full or hurried, was accompanied with a good deal of wheezing. Bad weather followed me to Hankow and it snowed on the The ordinary run of hospital cases in Shanghai in the winter is of no special interest, but there are a few cases of Malta fever or liver abscess. The best clinical proof of this is the fact that intermittent claudication, a disease in whicli arteriosclerosis plays an important part, is rare in nonsmokers, while two thirds of Erb's cases used tobacco to excess. These recurred every month or six weeks. Fourthly, the fact that this patient was decidedly benefited by a stimulating plan of treatment, liver and peritoneum; the latter showing traces of inflammation of slight and recent character. They always indicate depravity of fluids, or debility of functions, or both; hence the uniform indication is to cleanse, or strengthen, or both.

From the patient's point of view the system saves trouble, a doctor can be found at any time and, most important of all, it is a sort of insurance policy, because when there is much sickness in the family the doctor's bills do not increase. The sloughing was not completed until the twentieth day after the operation, when the remnant of the stump was not larger than a cherry, and was retracted within a deep depression, looking like the umbilicus of a The external incision was closed with the interrupted suture of annealed formmed.de iron wire, and the union was firm and complete in seven or eight days.

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