At a later date examination may reveal changes which are not seen after simple nerve section, but which are not always present or are only present in varying degrees in individual muscles.

Another day or two pletely lost than those of the other. There is little danger of wounding the orbit if due care is used. In three figures he presents the different natural situations of the infant in the uterus when labor is to be normal. In moderately severe attacks there is a marked redness fcf the palms and soles which have a hard and dry feeling.

From the experiments of Nencki, Liidy, Salkowski and others we may fairly assume that neutral fats are constantly being split up in whatever tissues or organs they may be lodged. They all draw from the same deep source: from the immediate and spontaneous mental life, the real and concrete life, which no analysis can exhaust, and which can never be expressed completely in any work or any ideal, as little as in any sum of elements. Discharge is brownish, very fluid, ofTensive Examination. This no doubt explains why the disease is seldom seen in the portions of the country just mentioned. Even inhalation may be followed by an eruption, with great scaling. Recognized (Duchenne), ahhough the juvenile is of frequent occurrence. Obstruction of the bowels is rare in typhoid fever. Those in fake milk are relatively stable.

Is homogenized, and allow to sediment: avis. It still feels the charm of the old insolubilities of ultimate reality, of the relation of mind and body, parallelism or interaction, the primacy of feeling or somatic changes, and is dominated more than it knows by interests in the soul's future, by teleology, freedom versus necessity. Several states have sought to lessen venereal disease transmission through the enactment of laws aimed at preventing the marriage of the One of the most serious of venereal disease problems is the widespread custom of drugstore prescribing, and of actual treatment of venereal diseases, especially gonorrhea, by drug clerks. Blackwell was let alone by the medical profession of New York. It is not produced by mecbanieal pressure of the food, because at another time he eats more heartily without the least discomfort. The drawsheet is often enough to keep him quiet; it should come up to the chin with the arms underneath. The researches of these observers were disregarded for a number of years, in fact their results were questioned by some for a long time and until very recently. In such cases the paralysis is interpreted as an acute exhaustion of functional capacity of the motor cells following an intense so-called motor discharge. If the blood remains some time in the bowel it may be much altered and passed as dark clots. Another interesting fact in connection with this case is the rapidity with which the cataract develojied. The segments of the aortic valve are not shortened, but they are diffusely thickened. The American Appendix savors more of the character of a medical dictionary than of a dictionary of medicine. The principal function of tbe naso-pharynx is to transmit air into tbe lungs, in order that the sensitive surface of its mucous covering may become afleetcd by substances contained in it. Meningism may be distinguished from true meningitis by the fact that although the cerebrospinal fluid may emerge under pressure, it presents _ Hysteria may simulate meningitis closely, and the diagnosis may be very difficult when hysterical symptoms occur in the course of an infective disorder.

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