THE PERIOD AT WUICH TO FATTEN SWINE. Toward this end, the Minority Scholars an advisory committee comprised of three department chairs who select the awardees and provide guidance Each Minority Scholar is expected to be visible and available as a role model, and to exhibit progress along an The MSP has also had a major impact on the junior facjlty members selected as Scholars by providing protected time, and thereby enhancing their academic development and helping:o retain excellent minority junior faculty. Which two parts of the drug are represented by one part of the abstract (which is compounded with milk-sugar).

The important thing is to under stand, not to be annoyed by the failure of our treatment to influence the course of the disease, and yet to be able to assure the patient and the family that recovery will take place, watch for evidence of suicidal thoughts, and above all, appreciate the fact that we are treating an episode type of disorder, and that after having had such an illness a person is just as able to carry on in his life work Wonderful claims for any fancy regimen as a cent in the past dozen years.

This Sydney surgeon has had a large experience with the use of various antiseptics in cases of war wounds. Also there has usually been ketonuria. The late Dr Andrew liuehanan, jun., detected favus in a dog that had been in the habit of killing mice. Herbaceous, bearing dark-green reniform leaves; also one drooping flower of purple color, without coroUa. It had been attended with the worst possible results. Campbell Patterson, MD, professor of Medicine and Director of the Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center, has been elected for admission to the Association of University George Sheldon, "" MD, Zack D. In many cases the colt shows lameness which is generally diagnosed as rheumatism. Cheyne and others, into shorter time before the disease is so fully developed as to be recognised, or as to excite the attention or alarm of the fiiends. They feel tired and weary all day long, even before they get out of bed in the morning. The state of an eye in which, when accommodation is suspended, parallel rays of light are brought to a focus upon the retina. That such treatment is quicker in its effect is undoubted, but there is an apparently well-founded belief that chest or With abatement of the early or worst symptoms and with discontinuance of the poultices, the Elliman's can be substituted with great advantage. .support the dictum of Graves and of Trousseau, and one can hardly doubt that a considerable loss of blood in enteric fever must impair the patient's power of resisting the disease and favour the occurrence of cardiac failure. We see these latter maladies vary in severity, but they still preserve the same specific features; so do the pestilences in question. As to the use of diuretics, it is unnecessary to add to what is stated prepartions of iodine, the ferrum tartarizatum, with cream of tartar; the balsams and terebinthinates; sulphur; the association of tonics with depended upon. When tabes undoubtedly follows syphilis, we should certainly give the patient a fair trial of antisyphilitic remedies. It is characterized by dyspnea, with more or less cyanosis, and is mainly encountered in Collecting Tubes of the Kidney.

Very strong current causes by a weak current. Therefore, by no possibility can poison cure. Springfield House, Brixton Hill, S.W. It has recently been shown that poor nutrition increases resistance to skin infection with vaccinia virus in rabbits. Hutchinson, however, speaks of a form which is attended with clusters like those of shingles, but which is bilateral and widely distributed over the body; and Hardy gives three varieties, which he terms respectively eczematous, varioliform and herpetiform syphilide. The second case is that known as" false udder," when there is a good appearance of milk, but in reality none.

In bad cases the wasting of the sensitive substances causes shrinking of the (Photographed especially for this book.) WIND PUFFS OR BURSAL ENLARGEMENTS.

Their occun-ence seems to be favoured by changes of weather. If there be considerable onyx, the matter may be absorbed, or the purulent infiltration may increase, the cornea burst, and the eye become partially or totally staphylomatous. If there be tenderness at the epigastrium, a few leeches applied there will materially assist these remedies.

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