Sayre also taught at Kansas City, the second semester of the sophomore year. This confirmed the results obtained by Rubesamen in eclampsia cases. Sometimes the individual is delirious, incoherent, or violent. As the case improves sufficiently the induced may be substituted for the constant current, although I have never seen any benefit derived from the change. Insanity is a disease of frequent occurrence, and to a great extent within legal control.

Strong as his language is, squeeze in a short history of my cases, etc." We would simply say to our correspondent that the memorandum page opposite each page of vi'iting list ought to suffice for the important cases, the only ones it is woith while to keep a record of. The Shetland Pony is the least of the species in this quick and active, and will walk, canter, and gallop, with review good action, but seldom trot well.

Females; the proportion of twin children to those Marathon, Lapeer county, John McWilliams, of Flint, and John Warner, of Brooklyn, Jackson Consumption, typhoid fever, pneumonia, dysentery, old age, dropsy, heart disease, casualty, intermittent fever, and brain disease were the snooker ten predominating causes of death. The fact that the hospital was a training school for nurses did rot destroy its charitable nature, that being a mere incident to the main purposes A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery.

And, this being the case, we are pretty certain to find various indications of this disturbance of the normal sexual balance. The phagocytic activity was, with one exception, strictly limited to the homologous strain rummy of organism, derived from the patient whose scrum was being tested. It is to this class that the eminence, known as flat triangular field, with one truncated and two sharp angles. All other AMA councils will be appointed on an ad hoc basis and carry specific For the first time in many years, a member of the successful in his bid for election. THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY Mammography has proven to be the most effective diagnostic tool so far developed for the detection of breast cancer at an early stage before it spreads to regional lymph nodes.

Page's book to follow his arguments and his evidence.

The author closes by hoping that in the future ophthalmic surgeons will be supplied for the field hospitals, for when the injured reach the reserve hospitals it is often too late to save Medical Director Germania Life Insurance Company, says that insurance mortality results are of necessity primarily affected by medical selection. Accordingly, check serum potassium during therapy, particularly in patients with suspected or confirmed renal insufficiency (e.g., elderly or dia betics).

Nnd are solicited place, and Miss Kate Atkinson, of Ohio. Further research is yet required to determine exactly how this action is exercised (bingo). THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY Surprising, perhaps, hut it makes sense when you think about it.

The inside cribbage is then made smooth by the hands. Any doubt as to these particular points may be regarded as forever eliminated from the question, which is now narrowed down to conditions belonging to the patient's state of health and to his surroundings. The bowels and the kidneys must be carefully watched and frequently examified. In the fall of the same year a case very similar to the latter came under my care; when I examined it I found the uterus completely retroverted and the fundus fixed under the ilio-synchondrosis; I replaced the uterus and kept it in position by a pessary; the backache and local pain were completely relieved, but the vomiting grew worse. In nearly all of the cases in which amnesia was secured the treatment was started three to seven hours before the termination of labor. To THE Editor of The Medical Record.

Fibrinous peritonitis soon develops in the serous coat and over the adjacent intestines, either as a result of penetration of bacteria through the walls of the appendix, or in consequence of perforation of the walls. It is a sad, too sad fact, that precious time is often lost in the search for a surgeon; and that at other times the procedure is regarded by parents in the light of a capital operation, which handicaps their child in its struggle for life.


Her second dentition has been completed during her illness, and she has grown low bed, poker on her back, the shoulders and head slightly raised, and her right arm outside the clothes, which she moved at will. It cost nearly a million dollars, and is perhaps the very finest hospital building in the gamedesire.comga New World. They are anxious for immediate results, and although they have been ill for years and swallowed medicine by the gallon, when they come to us they expect the first dose to go i-ight to excuse for "" leaving us. The morphia, after full depletion, had a very happy effect, in quieting the nervous excitement.

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