Acute pain is also one of the chief symptoms in many cases of interstitial metritis, especially at the menstrual period.

The dress, exercise, bathing, rest and work, together with social environment are no small item in these cases, and one who has never attempted to carry out these preventive measures can not believe how generic.ienumerable eagerly the majority of these patients will listen to instructions and attempt to follow details.

Applied by Mammifera Carnivora, having the extremities of their limbs dissimilar, and the hands destined exclusively for scraping or digging: fos'sipede. This, note well, is after the second sinfreing: with the coat left on after a first going over, it might be somewhat difiicult to dry him, and risk giving him cold.

Bamberger says he has often mistaken a softened cancerous nodule of the liver for a distended gaU-bladder.

Sauerbruch, at the German Surgical Congress patient in an air-tight room, large enough to contain him with table, operator, assistants and other outfit for such an operation. Prolonged and irritating catharsis increases the nausea and vomiting of ether and chloroform anesthesia. During the intermediate seasons, fall and spring, the system.collections.generic.list southern coast of England (Bournemouth, Torquay, Ventnor, and the Isle of Wight) or the southwestern coast of France (Arcachon, Biarritz, Henday, St, Jean are found in southern Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and in Old Mexico. Wuhrmann finds in the literature ninety-one such tumors, seventy-five of them benign, sixteen malignant. C, contended that very few, if any, such injurious effects need be feared as have been frequently charged against the operation of suspensio-uteri. The first symptom of the menopause is an irregularity of the flow.


Leontodon taraxacum, dandelion; diuretic, aperient, and an hepatic tonic. Crepitant rdles, with slight dulness and bronchial breathing, may nearly always be detected during the attack. Such, for example, aje the terms Cynanche Cynanche pharyngea, or inflammation of the pharynx; and Cynanche ionsUktris, or quinsy. The mode of termination of typhus is essentially critical, but as a rule the crisis is not sharp. It should system.collections.generic.ienumerable always be made clear when reference is made to a volume percentage. The fundamental mistake here is in the conception of life, the material side being too largely exalted.

J., held, that a slight lameness occasioned by the horse having taken up a nail at the farrier's was not an unsoundness.

When the fluid is purulent the course is more rapid, death resulting from sepsis and exhaustion. The chief derivativesof haemoglobin, namely, haematin, haematoidih, and haemin, will Haematin is an amorphous dark-brown powder. The brilliant records of noted operators like Leopold, Reynolds, Cameron and others, with their series of to fifty sections or more in maternity hospitals, without scarcely a death, were not obtained by waiting till the patient was moribund. It may also be induced by a blow or other direct injury to the head. This general treatment is applicable to a large proportion of cases also in which in debilitated or' nervous' patients fits have been brought on by fright, worry, or anxiety, or by no assignable cause. THE CONSERVATIVE TREATMENT OF ACUTE Professor of Surgery, College of Physicians and Surgeons: Surgeon-inChief, Morton's Hospital; Visiting Surgeon, City and County Hospital; Consulting Surgeon, California General Hospital; Consulting Surgeon to German Hospital; Surgeon to the Santa Ke Railroad. The use of silver nitrate is commonly indicated with perforations and granulations in the middle ear and in the superficial necrosis If one can see the polyps it is better to cauterize them with convert caustic acids and the actual cautery. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL in treating some patients with malignant disease of the breast who refused operation.

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