In the majority of cases traumatic amnesia is of short duration, especially if it is only of the retrograde or only of the anterograde type. This may be all that may be required, but where the saturation of the system with the uric-acid elements is sufficiently marked it may be necessary to use some mild alkaline medicine in addition to the dietary measures, and in this case the particular alkali is not important. Seiler has put forward the hypothesis, which, by the way, has never been substantiated by clinical or pathologic evidence, that ascites occurring in childhood, provided it is not due to tuberculosis, is always due to syphilitic disease of the liver. Two days later a typical measles eruption developed This case seemed so demonstrative to us that later, when we feared a measles outbreak because of the occurrence of another case in the wards, we determined to put the sign to a careful test. In the case of the small intestine the extent of the root of the mesentery is determined by the amount of space intervening between the duodenojejunal flexure and the end of the ileum.

The reviews most important cravats are the following: C, Abdomino-inguinal; two handkerchiefs are folded into cravats and their ends tied together. All of these cases were regarded by the attending physicians as diphtheria, a portion only were examined bacteriologically (no regulation of the Health Board requires bacteriological examination) and many of these were only reported as diphtheria after the examination by culture. R.) Homoeopathy in Tennessee; a brief sketch of its progress in the State; giving the number of societies and their respective Trial of William Bushnell, Samuel Gregg, George Russell, David Thaver, Milton Fuller, all of Boston, for practising homoeopathy, while they were members of the Massachusetts Medical Vanderburgh ( F. Indeed, these notes are intended as a testimony to the frequency of the condition, rather than as an attempt to advance new ideas of pathology or treatment.

Solutions free from chloroform are to be preferred, especially for bacteria.

In fourteen of these the bursa affected was the bursa iliaca or subiliaca, while in the remainder the bursa trochanterica profunda was the seat of disease.

If with the same amperage of the primary current the numbers on the Bauer and the milliamperemeter remain constant, then the time consumed to brown the pastille, i.e., to give a full erythema dose, is also constant.

There have been"This list does not include the animals that were killed on account of fear that they might develop rabies. That even the brute force of statistics fails of effect is shown by the remarkable results obtained under all forms of treatment under all sorts of conditions in the late Maidstone epidemic. The rest of the body showed nothing save two or three hard growths the size of a bean, which had existed for many years. The rapidity of recovery varies with the intensity of the disorder and with the date of its appearance, viz., the earlier it is the more favorable is it. The higher up the site of the carcinoma in the rectum, the more does the clinical picture presented resemble that of carcinoma of the sigmoid flexure. Most authors are agreed that it accounts both for the peculiar character of the motions and also for the meteorism, to be described later, which so frequently occurs in inflammation of the peritoneum.

In some cases the mucous membrane was involved, and in these there seemed to be a special tendency to broncliitis and pneumonia. They were kept alive for twenty-eight hours without signs of shock and with good heart action and normal reflexes. The ulcer was excised, and the edges were united by Lembert's sutures.

The rays of light that enter the eye of the observer, after refraction through these lenses, proceed directly from the object itself. Whereas, the Department of Health of New York City during the last few years has established a high standard of work in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, especially diphtheria, with the resulting reduction in mortality of zymotic diseases from thirteen per thousand to five and a fraction, and the reduction in Whereas, the scientific investigation carried on in the laboratories of the Department of Health have been of great value to the medical profession and to the people. It comprises two sacs contained within the vestibule, the semicircular canals and the review canal of semicircular canal, f. Anatomy, the estimation of the dimensions of any organ or part of the body. She feared her womb would protrude from the vulva.

Of the cod-fish, Gadus morrhua, and other species of Gadus.

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