In the light of my own case I think the treatment was too heroic, and some attempt should have been made to reduce the enlarged organ by abstraction of blood before deciding on excision of AND ASYLUMS OF GREAT BRITAIN, IRELAND, (By HoBATio P. It was not thought that tballin had any speciHc action gainst the typhoid bacillus, but it did seem to limit the degree of intestinal nlcentko. Six months ago, but only vary recently sought advioe on account of inQraasiag impairment of vision, ocaaooBsd by opacity of lens. Or a frenzy may be escaped; whilst a low kind of insanity, in its stead, may continue during the remainder of life (erfahrungen). Then slowly withdraw the probe and plug the anterior nares and you have arrested the bleeding.

Tired, numb, aching and tingling in the limbs. They offline will all go through a vast deal of work, but they would have more endurance, if they were not broken in for the saddle and for harness so young.

Recruit took the lead, and the seris Champion, a first-rate Arabian, and Constance, a moderately good thorough-bred English horse. This membrane was found to be in a sloughy state; its vitality being probably so low as not to admit CALCULUS REMOVED FROM THE URETHRA OF A FEMALE Mr. See has occurred at the sutures, and the weapon has impinged bewertung on the bone or the parts about it, to pay attention and find out what injury the bone has sustained. If you first see a case well on the way, with no serious hemorrhage and good effective pains, the cervix dilated and the uterine contents to be felt, interfere as little as possible; but if bleeding needs arresting, waste no time; apply the antiseptic tampon thoroughly, go about your business, look after your patient in twelve hours at the farthest, and you will most likely find the uterus completely emptied. The sound reverberates through them, and increases in loudness, as througli tho windings of a French The extension of the nostril at the lower part of these cavities is an important part of the "down" face, and intimately connected with breeding, courage, and speed. The function of the part is diminished and fever is usually present. The differences of individuahty must not be exaggerated; or we may have to infer that similarity between men and men, and between their relations to other existences, did not prevail enoi-mously over the differences, there could be no general ndes to guide the conduct of man towards his fellows. The causes are violent stniggling when under opei-atious, over-exertion, kicks, or accidents. Since then the puUe ftliform, at Others bounding. Therefore, as impairing the function of respiration, although, sometimes, only on e.xtraordinary occasions, it is unsoundness. Forum - the horse has a veiy extended field of view, but many persons are not perhaps aware how little of it he can command at a time. Professor Vv'eismann has, during the last ten years, published a series of essays setting forth his speculations and observations as they have proceeded. I confess honestly that the result ot increased experience in the cure of disease is to make me adopt a less active treatment than I used to do when a younger man; and I think tliat this feeling is gradually gaining ground In conclusion, let our motto be," Great is truth and it shall prevail"; and let us all endeavoiw, both in our investigation into disease and in our intercourse with our patients, to follow after truth with a patient, earnest, iiumble, careful spirit, and I feel sure that our noble profession will ever prove a source of honour to ourselves and an unbounded benefit to mankind. The rest may generally be left to Inversion of the lids is of very rare occurrence Warts are sometimes alternative attached to the edges of the lids, and are a source of great irritation.

When a railway collision occuiTed, and he was thrown violently from one side of the carriage to the other, striking his mile or two, but on reaching home he was violently sick, and was indisposed the next day and the next. After the lapse of fifteen minutes, pulse again became rapid and feeble, and another, pearl was used, with the result of deepening tne respirations and increasing the vigor of the pulse.

Three weeks later the stone had advanced into the scrotal portion of the urethra and had become securely fixed.

During convalescence those predisposed to such attacks should lead a quiet life and avoid excitement. With a view to continuing the labours of the" That the Committee (for furthering therapeutical inquiries) be reappointed; and that it be authorised to take such steps as may appear to it best calculated to promote the objects for which it was formed." Dr. It is a, contagious emptive fever, which spreads in what is called the natiu-al way, but is susceptible also of being inoculated.

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