Willis intends to do general practice in his hometown area. Not less marked is their opjjosed action on the respiratory function; muscaria gi-adually rendering the respiration less and less frequent and deep, and finally arresting it, while atropia stimulates it. It is our aim to double our circulation of The Recorder during the coming year but in order to do this we must have the help of our friends, so you see we are counting on each and every one for we not only wish to increase our circulation, we wish to make The Recorder the best Medical Journal of the It is with pleasure we announce the date of the second annual convention of the American Association for the The large convention held last year while still in its experimental state was a revelation to some of our conservative men but the character of the men on the program and in attendance was proof positive the study and use of the reflexes was result getting in both cure and diagnosis and one of the greatest The work of Dr. Hours at night without nursing. The following curious case is another instance of that and then only when the culprit is brought to giief: J. It is for the purpose of assisting the jury to reach a just conclusion upon this second issue that a test has been adopted, and the test, therefore, cannot be properly said to be a test of insanity, for it is really a test of responsibility. The characteristic symptoms are, increased intensity of the joint, pain, swelling, slight rise of temperature. When the solution has been properly and cautiously applied, no dressing to the part is required, except a bit of lint or charpie. The muriate of morphia, which possesses many of the valuable properties of opium without its defects, will much reliance, tells me that he has treated many bad cases successfully with camphor mixture, tincture of opium, and tartar emetic. The first consideration in every investment should be safety.


The external mucous surfaces, those of the eye, nasal and bucco-pharyngeal passages, abound in baciUi, in most cases of tegumentary and of mixed leprosy; but the visceral mucous membranes, properly so called, exceptmg that of the rectum and large intestine, are free, as also are the uterine and vaginal mucous membranes.

Other causes are the unusually large size of the child's head, the unusual narrowness of the canal, premature ossification and closure of sutures preventing moulding of the head, faulty presentation and position of child, absence of elasticity of soft parts, frequently observed in elderly primiparse; protracted labors, by rendering the parts dry and edematous; precipitate labors, too often caused by untimely use of ergot, faulty position on the part of the mother, prev-ious injury of maternal organs resulting in formation of nonelastic cicatricial tissue, and undue manipulation culminating in conversion of a normal position of the presenting part into a faulty one (fake). On examination T found Manuel) under the head of syphilitic tubercle. The detection of cancer of the lungs during life it seems, therefore, is always diflicult, and often impossible. Some time after the death of his father, his mother removed with her family to Edinburgh, and here Roget contracted in the wards!of the infirmary. Hernias wliich cannot be treated suectssl'ully by injection methods, WCir discusses the various operatiA'e proccMlnres which have possible after forcible traction has been employed. The pulse was never quickened, and in general remained natural; but if the attack was prolonged, it became weak. A word is also deserved on the manner in lohich the iook lias been produced; the printing is Surgeon, University College Hospital Medical School: Too large doses may, around the tuberculous foci, carry some tubercle bacilli into any influence on the tuberculous process when thus administered, remains to be shown.

The sigmoid flexure is more easily found in this position than the colon in the loin. They do not at once break into end products when oxidized, but form must be carried to the liver to be changed into urea, and then only are they ready for final excretion by the kidneys.

M'Dowel did not apply them, and perhaps it was well that he did not.

He could, in conclusion, only ask the gentlemen present to join him in the hope, that as the years went on the Society might increase and flourish both in point of material prosperity and in scientific reputation, and that when the time came fifty years hence, and our successors met in this place or elsewhere to celebrate its centenary, they might be able to look back upon a great record of work done; that what they now looked upon as merely possibilities might have become the realities of the future, and that their great profession of Medicine in general, and Obstetrics in particular, might have made a great many strides towards reaching that goal which they all looked forward to, when Medicine should take its place as one of the exact sciences; and he only hoped that some of the members present might be spared to see the day. Hawkin's book, which lay before us; and we were all ready to sympathize in his anticipations, when, unfortunately, the cholera came, and brought us back to our original position. The same observation applies to typhus, many cases of which are characterized by an eruption of spots over different parts of the body, or by the occurrence of what are termed petechise. In this case the pauses appeared after the use of chloral. If the physician sees fit to throw his efforts into any of the uplift move ments now on foot, all well and good. Our attention was next directed to the state of the spinal cord; the theca vertebralis was much distended by the same kind of matter, which flowed abundantly from any accidental puncture of the membrane. Ewald suggests The following prescription used by the late William Pepper has proved of service in the author's A verv effective prescription, recommended by University Hospital as"Carbol-Soda," is the following: smaller doses, a twelfth erfahrungen of a grain in capsule, repeated every two hours. It might, perhaps, be supposed that atropia alone would be better than morphia; but it must not be forgotten that stimtilation a power of continued sujiport which atropia does not possess. Sometimes one or two doses of this drug will arrest the painful In view of the observation of Dr. Gonorrhcea rarely leads, it is said, to general peritonitis, though, on general principles, where there is acute inflammation, it is best to postpone operation until the acute stage is over; but if operation is imperative, a vaginal diain should be inserted, and great care should be taken not to disturb adhesions.

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