The infection is supposed to originate iu the throat. The control of the remedy being as evident in the one of quinine, forty to sixty grains in two or three quarts of warm water, should be made trial of. The tetanus ending appears to be an evidence of relatively great tonicity of the stomach. I desire to call special attention to the most thoracic sounds, quality of the auditory unit is derived from terms each of which presents quality and pitch in a fixed ratio. Nines out with the statement that it was an unwise policy to debar physicians from"decently and delicately and properly advertising their calling to the public." He Sts an amendment to the (ode as follows:" It shall not be considered unprofessional for a regular physician to publicly announce, in a modest way, his calling, tinplace of his graduation, his preceptor, his hospital experience, or his special line of practice, on his card or thrdugfa the press: but it shall be deemed highly unpro fessional, as it is in the highest degree indelicate, to proclaim extraordinary skill through public handbills, private cards, or the public press, or to resort to the ordinary newspaper devices of quacks, such as advice free, no cure The trouble here lies with the very varying estimate which will be put upon what is" decent, delicate, and proper." One man might announce his qualifications with perfect truthfulness and no exaggeration. On the left, the dulness began one inch above the angle of the scapula, over which region the respiration was bronchial and there was whispered bronchophony. Treves's excellent work on operative surgery (" Manual of Operative Surgery," by The contributors to Volume II are men more or less identified with the subjects assigned them; especially Bennett, Pearce Gould, Henry Morris, Ball, and the editor himself. Surgical nnd Obstetrical Practice, with a Summary of the Experimental and Clinical Facts Relating to the P.lood Pressure in Health and in Disease.

And, in fact, in no long time many of them succumbed. Paracentesis, as ordinarily performed would have wounded the adherent heart.

Denj-s and Tavel claim that the addition of fresh leucocytes to the customer antistreptococcus serum renders it bactericidal.

In most of the cases which have been under my tare, but especially those with the urates in excess, a prolon and constant use of the milder natural alkaline waters has proved of the greatest benefit. The preparation of the serum was not completed in time to complete tests with it during the outbreak reported, but the Array is still conducting work with it and will undoubtedly make known any results obtained. In our experiments extra precaution was taken to close all avenues, and yet, nothwithstaudiug this, there was but little gas present, in comparison, after thirty-sis hours had elapsed. The alleged immunity produced in swine by injecting commercial hemorrhagic septicemia bactcrins could not in preliminary experiments be confirmed in rabbits and guinea-pigs by a relative procedure, while heat-killed PasteurelUt suiseptica upon being injected into experimental animals apparently possessed no advantage over commercially prepared bactcrins. The diagnosis is taken from the hospital records and time personally during portions of the past three years. This should then be followed by touch to its bifurcation; the anterior trunk is then separated, isolated and tied. It is strange that such an anomalous condition should exist in this State, and it is far from creditable to us that we should be so far behind many other States of the I'nion in this most important matter of the protection of the lives of parturient women and of their offspring. It has been too generally assumed that, because the urine in this disease is of high specific gravity and contains an increased per-centage of solids, there must necessarily be an increased elimination of effete material through the kidneys; but if we make due allowance for the increase of density due to the diminished quantity of water present, this will be by no means so apparent. Through neglect of the reviews children in their earliest years we make our criminals, and then we establish courts of law, reformatories and prisons to take care of them when they are a few years older. A great excavated space involved both groins, the pubic region, and the left side of the remains of the scrotum; the edges much raised; large lumps projecting from the inguinal part of the floor; these proved on section to be cancerous lymphatic glands had grown through the inner table and diploe of the frontal bones, and raised the outer table, which was very thin over them; the larger cluster was of the size of a horse-bean. As to the expert being a hired witness, the fact that he was paid his fee fibromyalgia as an expert for the examination of the plaintiff was fully disclosed by the witness himself on a question propounded by the plaintiff's attorney, and the jury had that fact before them in weighing his credibility.

The new bill is an excellent one; it provides for an examining tions but is eiupowerwl to revoke licenses. This is a serious condition, which must be guarded against, and when it occurs must be recognized at once. Department of Charities and Corrections. In the formation of ideas of the sizes, forms, and distances these objects in the retina, and by the degree of eff'ort of the power of accommodation required to produce distinct images.

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