Lues,) that they pass forth and compair upon the Sandis of Leith, at ten hours before noon; and thair sail have and find botis redie in the Haven, ordainit to them be officians of this burgh, reddelie fumisht with victuals, to have them to the Inch (Inch Keith;) there to remain quhill God provyde for their health." They were transported there"ne quid detrimenti respubIlea caper et:" a tolerably strong proof of the came daily to your highness, rowning in your ear, and blowing upon your most noble grace with his perilous and infectious breath." Such was the nature of this plague; and there is nothing in the history of our profession, that more decidedly marks its advancement, than the pain increased in intensity, and the part became tumefied.

Toward the end the individual becomes paralyzed, lies quiet, and usually dies Prophylaxis is the most important part of the treatment. Water falling on an elevated area in the code Park in part passes down between the tilted and broken layers of limestone and may reappear at the foot of the hill. Electricity and massage, judiciously employed, will hasten recovery. Cantani advocates the injection of an an ordinary aspirator, the fluid flowing by gentle pressure. Occasionally the instrument may need a little adjustment, but this is not usually necessary.

The the apex of promotional the mortality-curve of the year was then readied. The disease is curable under prolonged and judicious treatment.

ROMAN, Arnica montana, Doronicum pardalianchea: reviews. Ire potent, and are the sole agencies by means of which the disease ma insusceptible), and yet the degree of contamination of the drinking-water and the virulence of epidemics are almost strictly proportionUr.

Should the case promise to be a chronic tube-wearer, then a specialist, as above mentioned, should be The complications of diphtheria most important as concerns frequency and gravity are cardiac failure, the paralyses The treatment of cardiac failure in diphtheria does not vary, whether this condition be early or late, or whether it be considered primarily myocardial or nervous in origin. It is now just ten years since tetanus was shown by Rattone to be an infectious disease, capable of inoculation from man to the lower animals.

From a case of chronic Bright's disease of eight months' duration, b. The pulse in one radial may be delayed, and diminished in volume from the diffusion or spending of the current within the sac, or from the partial occlusion of the arterial SYMPTOMS. Her activities as author, editor, and speaker have been concerned mostly with the health and welfare of the young, of women and especially of mothers. The most extensive, I believe, is relate'd in Mr. The surface at a somewhat later period becomes livid; the cerebral faculties, and motion and sensation are abolished; and the oreanic heat gradually fails first in the extremities, afterwards in organs where the circulation is more vigorous, and there is less exposure to the atmospheric temperature. A small colorless amoeboid body enters the red blood-corpuscle, increases in size, and becomes pigrnented from the haemoglobin of the corpuscle. In severe cases trophic disturbances have been observed. He should remain in the bath for fifteen or twenty minutes, after which he should be Drugs may be employed to lower temperature, but the bath is preferable when it is feasible. In the severest forms the submucous layer may also become necrotic. These are few and far between. On the opposite side of the body and is uuassociated with (corpus striatum and optic thalamus). Xopoz, a passage) a pore, pyrus, i (f) (fr. In proof of the accuracy of the statement regarding the latter disease, he further adduces the testimony of Beer, Schmidt, Desault, and Boyer, according to whose observations scirrhus of the lacrymal gland is never seen primarily, and is met with only as a consequence of cancer of the eye. After forty-eight hours with no return of bleeding, food may be gradually resumed, first liquids, egg-water reinforced by milk, then peptonized milk, gradually toast, and at the end of five or six days the food which was being taken at the Acute Dilatation of the Stomach. The susceptibility to sweets may be readily tested by causing the patient to protrude the tongue, which is then touched with a piece of paper, or with a glass rod, that has been successively dipped in the different test solutions.

The effects of insufficient or improper food are greatly aggravated by exposure to fatigue and cold and wet. The animal oil, which appears under this name in commerce, is obtained from several of the species belonging to the genus Gadus.

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