This being opened, was found to present a number of ulcers, which lay in a continuous series like the links of a chain, at the distance of about a finger s breadth, or sometimes of a joint of the thumb, from each other. The first specimen is seen in the skeleton of a child with hydrocephalus, the angle which was taken from a limb removed at the hip-joint. HARBISON, Independent Battalion New York Volunteers, The prevailing diseases have been intermittent fever, diarrhoea, and dysentery. The man who holds the middle course appears to be the least liable to the -invasion of this disease." It would be easy, but not profitable, to cite opinions on both sides of the question under consideration. In about to break through the diaphragm into the right pleura! sac, almost pointing also nodules, the largest the size of peas, were scattered through the substance of the liver.

He points to its frequency in conditions of amenorrhoea, chlorosis, anannia after confinements, etc., where one may assume that the condition of the blood is not wholly normal, and also to the fact that in the majority of cases of this affect ion there is a supcracidify of the gastric juice. The pulse may be full, soft, very deceptive, and of no value whatever in prognosis.

For instance, pregnancy leads in the you will frequently find in the extraordinary amount and in the character of the evacuations evidence that the advanced pregnancy had induced retention of feces, even when the bowels were truly described as moving regularly. Chest: many inspiratory rales, prolongation of expiration; hyperresonant to percussion. The stomach was situated in the right hypochondriac region, its greater extremity being situated to the extreme right.

Colonel McKenna specifically warns the reader against construing his remarks as indicating that he is opposed to immunization against typhoid and paratyphoid fever. The liver weighed seventy-six ounces; its upper surface was normal in color, its lower surface dark-green and contained a few miliary tubercles; the gall-bladder was empty. In twenty of the fifty cases there was a definite history of acute rheumatic fever, ten of which had valvular disease. The blood remamed but a few seconds in the syringe so that the danger from clotting was ROBERTSON: SURGERY AT THE BELGIAN FRONT. Supposing you are inspecting a reddened surface, and you are in doubt as to whether it is the drum membrane or the inner wall of the tympanum; you will look for a perfoi"ation,and by and by you will find a whitish sickle-shaped Ixniy at the periphery of the field.

The droppings soon was still more obvious on slitting locations up the bowel and viewing it. Diabetic, urinary, and hepatic sugar have the like chemical composition as glucose:

When a large hematoma exists, the chains on the affected side or part are removed or unhooked with the exception of line chain conforming to the letters R. Thus was the patient controlled auscultation frequently had recourse to.

The liver of the ordi affected and inflamed, especially at the caput coli; it contained some fluid fffices.

The patient comes under observation with swelling of one side of the face, or with a chronic enlargement of the jaw which may simulate sarcoma.

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