The disconsolate husband stated that several months before marriage he had contracted gonorrhoea, for which a physician had treated him. Common to all the affections alluded to above, and therefore helps us but little in coming to an accurate conclusion as to the system which I have mentioned, and therefore helps us but little, if at all, in defining the particular state of our patient. - nature mav not have In a recent paper by Marfan (Archives dc lucdcciiic dcs enfants, November, tqio) it is shown tliat simple hyperplasia of the thymus is bv far the commonest lesion of this gland, and is the causative factor of hypertrophy of the organ in most instances.

By Hobart There is no phase of medicine to which the physician can more profitably devote his time and attention than diagnosis. E., rendering the soil outside of the body less suitable for the development of the pathogenic bacteria, we may consider the wonderful advance in the hygiene of our municipalities, the scrupulous care and periodical bacteriological examination of our water supplies, and more recently the process of slow sand filtration that has been adopted with success by some of our cities.

Calomel and opium could not be administered with safety, and large doses of laudanum did great mischief.

The examination and study of the blood in medical and surgical cases has developed a field of labor but yet partially explored, still constantly adding to our knowledge of disease, and producing beneficial results of great help to human suffering.

Such is the lessoa practically taught by the recent medical appointments to the Upton-onScvern Union.

It was too small for one and bullets are commonly found to have a void space in the interior when cut through the centre, owing to the exterior cooling more rapidly than the interior, and to the greater bulk of the metal when in a liquid state.

This period, moreover, will have its minimum limits, so that no matter how virulent the invading microorganism, the symptoms of infection will appear only after a certain interval. Enumerate its forms, and give King's College; Parsey, William Henry, King's College; Payne, Arthur James, King's College; Russell, James, King's College; Sibson, Francis, University of Edinburgh; Smith, William Tyler, Bristol Medical School; Whittle, Ewing, College Pyper, Robert Deverell, Middlesex Hospital; Randall, John, St. Breschet and others explained the suspicious course of the wound by assuming that the ball had struck the under part of the clavicle, and had was lying at full length on its left side in a ditch. Attention to general conditions signifies regulation of the bowels and liver and the maintenance of a high degree of nutrition, together with a supervision of hygienic requirements so that the condition of the individual may be made as resistant as possible to the By many authors much stress is laid on the question of sterilization of the urinary tract just previous to operation in cases of infection. Professor Rutherford believas that the effect of hepatic stimulants is to be assigned to a direct action of their molecules upon the hepatic cells or their, nerves, not to reflex excitement of the liver from irritation of the mucous membrane of the small intestine, as many substances powerfully irritate the intestinal mucous membrane without in the least increasing the biliary secretion, while others powerfully stimulate the liver without inducing notable excitement of the intestine.

By pushing the lower fragment toward the upper in a vertical direction, the symptoms are markedly increased.

The conditions were complicated by the presence of diphtheria in the asylum, which required several weeks of rigid quarantine and the constant use of antitoxin. In about thirty seconds the respiration became slower and heavier: a noise, as if from swallowing the vapour, was heard in the windpipe: the breathing immediately became stertorous; the eyes remained fixed, wild, and wide open; the pupils dilated to the fullest extent; the limbs perfectly motionless. In this irritation we have three factors in determining the special effect on the cell: resistance which the rays will encounter; Under the influence of such an irritation the parenchyma cells, connective tissue, and endothelial cells are likely to swell, and become more granular. The bones of the skull were found extensively fractured.

On examination, the liver, which was was the only part of the body injured, and the structure of which appeared perfectly healthy, was found extensively lacerated, its right lobe being fissured transversely throughout the greater part of its extent.

He had certainly seen great relief from effervescing draughts containing carbonic acid STATE OF THE SECRETIONS IN CHOLERA.

It had been found experimentally, by taking a liver and attaching to it a water supply with measured pressure, that the flow could be controlled by manual pressure without damage to tissue.

However, I cannot countenance the idea that a nurse should do this work for the reason that a l)rother physician may not happen to be in full harmony with the operator. The wife of a physician, whom he attended, had the occasioned some amusement in the end to all parties concerned, owing to the lady having implicitly relied on the date of the catamenia as a guide, without taking into account another circumstance of still greater importance in the arrangements, in order to be present at the accouchement; and as day after day passed over without its occurrence, much uneasiness was felt by both parties and Dr. The intravenous injections were from twelve to sixteen ounces. Several cases have been treated in the outpatient department with doses of tRxv three times a day with excellent to the use of digitalis, and is often due to some secondarv eflfect of the heart failure.

He recovered so f,r that he was about to be discharged, when the symptoms of pressure after the infliction of the violence.

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