It has been found that the administration of preparations of the thyroid gland helps greatly in the treatment of obesity, showing that the thyroid secretion influences bodily metabolism. Antikamuia has stood the test both in the laboratory and in actual practice, and is now generally accepted globallink as the safest and surest of coal-tar products. During the last year only three and a half per cent, were paid for. The patient, a rhachitic orange peddler, aged twenty-eight years, had right scoliokyphosis in the dorso-lumbar region, with general contraction of the pelvis. He thought that "" the question of syphilis should be consid ered.

The face escaped, as did the hands and feet; on the forearms and legs but few lesions were present. All patients who exhibit even the smallest sign of invasion by tuberculosis must be treated with the utmost rigidity. During the past year the cause of therapeutics had been greatly encouraged by the success attending Ehrlich's persevering investigations into the modifications of therapeutic action by variations in chemical structure. This cannot be done without careful attention to the physical factors involved. In the spring patient reported that he had perfect confidence in the leg. The head rotated very easily; the perineum was apparently saved from laceration, and illustrates the wisdom of performing this operation; and the location at which it was performed illustrates the place where in general the rotation should take place if possible. In the third, a suppurative cholecystitis was associated with the cholelithiasis.

Place through wounds, or by the respiratory or alimentary tract.

There are some physicians who have considerable difficulty in administering the analgesia, and one obstetrician says that he no longer tries to give it unless he has the assistance of a skilled anesthetist. Starling in a recent communication to the a cold wind had a definite influence in raising the pulse rate and that this effect might be so distinct that variation the same individuals in shelter had an average pulse rate were made with a number of different groups and all showed the same difference and led to the conclusion that the effect of continued exposure to cold wind or the movement of the body through cold air might be progressive. It is hardly necessary to mention that among all, without exception, we assured ourselves at the beginning regarding the actual presence of a discharge containing gonococci, and in the second place as to the existence of paraurethral diverticula or follicular abscess capable of contaminating the canal ( Thus, in a given case, where tabes is known to be present, it is obvious that this symjitom of an aortic aneurysm in the abdomen may re.idily be attributed to the tabetic condition. The fundamental idea of sedation is generallv considered preferable to the use of a nitrogenous diet which although it fixes the excess of acid does not reduce its formation. It appears that the apparatus used during the frontier expedition consisted of a lo-inch spark coil, a primary battery, three tubes, a screen, and some Paget photographic plates. The parasite is endemic to Latin and South America, Eastern Europe, India and the Far East. Years in the State from which he comes. Her family physician had supposed the trouble was due to some error of refraction, and sent her to me to have glasses fitted. But there is, I think, sufficient historical evidence that the highly contagious and fatal diseases of infancy and childhood, which to a great degree check the increase of population in both hemispheres, were unknown to the American Indian until communicated by the European. Prior operation: Suspension of uterus and perineal repair, with object of overcoming cystocele, regarded as causative factor in continuance of chronic cystitis. All material published in The Journal is copyrighted by the Medical Society of New Jersey.

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