Operation in such cases is not attended with the dangers which were formerly supposed. Mansonia is principally a genus of wef fropical areas, buf a very few species Eggs are dark brown or blackish and cylindrical, buf have a fube-like extension apically which is usually darker fhan fhe resf of fhe egg Mansonia larvae are easily recognized because fhey have a specialized siphon fends fo be conical, wifh fhe apical parf darker and heavily sclerofized, and if has feefh and curved hairs which assisf a larva fo attach ifself fo planfs and inserf ifs siphon. It explains how the fever is disseminated without direct reinoculation; for this would imply either very active work on the part of the infected mosquitoes which have lived through the winter, and which must be comparatively few in number, or a very large number of cases of dormant malaria, from which the young mosquitoes could obtain the parasites. King moved that the society sponsor such a The Duke Medical School and Hospital agree to receive as students for postgraduate work physicians of North Carolina without charge for instruction, and that if possible and if no rooms are avai'able in the hospital they will endeavor to place in a nearby dormitory. Death followed on same evening, the acute back pain being to the last Ills main c:uise of coin),biiut.

Vesalius, who was a contemporary of Paracelsus, fully appreciated how serious an obstacle to further progress in anatomical knowledge the teachings of Galen were, and it was he who made the first really successful attack on this great hindrance to further progress; but there is no evidence to show that he had the slightest idea that lecturing and writing about medical topics in Latin played any part in the perpetuation of the evil which he was fighting.

This procedure not only diminishes the size of the anus, but restores the power of the sphincter studied the different contrivances used in combining chloroform and oxygen for the purpose of anesthetizing. There was marked distention of all the mesenteric reviews venous radicles by recent blood clot.

IMoreover, the definitions are so clear and not seldom so characteristic of tlw author that they I)ei)artinent of Arehi-ulogy and I'aheontology of tlii' Tniversity of Pennsylvania, there iH an interesting artiile on the origin, Hignifying tubes. Penicillin is rapidly absorbed when given intramuscularly and slowly absorbed after subcutaneous injections. The patient mado which hurl I li iiaBoclaled with the infective eholiingills presenl iM'forc lifter which liierc was free diHchiirgc of bile, (or a time givinc great ri'llef and from llnd. The writer lists many other diseases in which its value has been demonstrated. Urotropin, without some acidifying agent, will not cLs.sist in overcoming the disease. In males the highest mortality is from cancer of the abdominal viscera. Another grateful borrower in acknowledging receipt of his requested loan from the fund writes: great deal. Between and sand baths, and every kind of douche will be provided, and there will be a special hall for gymnastics and medicomechanical exercises.

Admirably for the building of hospitals and public health centers where needed (code).

The book which Guy de Chauliac wrote, and which bears hesitate to say that, with the single exception of the book written by Hippocrates, there is not a work on surgery, no matter in what language written, which ranks higher than, or is even equal to, the magnificent treatise of Guy de Chauliac." Although most surgeons of the present day will scarcely assent to praise of such an extravagant nature, they will undoubtedly agree in according to this admirable author of the fourteenth century a high place of honor in the Temple of Fame. The first class is almost unanimously and hotly opposed to Koch's view; the second in the main opposed, and the third, which, if I may be pardoned for saying so, is alone fully qualified to judge, either in doubt, or in more or less substantial accord with it. Was the truth not as stated by Dr Yellowlees, that there were moments when he was insane. On introducing the ureter catheter an and was subsequently removed by operation. For he was grounded in astronomye. Hospital trumps were en couraged; the province of the Poor Law in public relief was ignored, and the functions of the almoner and of general staff were really ignorant of the principles and methods of General Practitioners and the Out-patient System. Its wall is made up of a fibrous structure in which may be found smooth muscle fibers. Taylor became a member of the staff late in when he opened Broadoaks Sanatorium, probably the first private hospital for the treatment of of observation were acute and his diagnostic judgment.sound. The head and neck should be exposed, so as to decrease the circulation, and unless there is some special reason for keeping it higher.

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