But the inspiratory muscles do not altogether et go when expiration begins, they continue to act as qoaoderators of the expiratory movements, and hence expiration is more gradual than it would be were it a mere elastic persisting contractimis of inspiratory muscles nnleaa the Physiologists seem to be agreed that although the outward than the pressure inwards during inspiration, yet the forces be discrepant, but we are not called upou here to explain the powers of inspiration. Sprue might very possibly be or become endemic in the Southern States. Has been occasionally noticed by Huxham, Ci.egiiOBN, Craigie, and by myself and others, in scorbutus, purpura hsmorihagica, and in the liquescent or malignant forms of remittent fever in capsule of cellular tissue condensed around it, and consists of an unusual accumulation of latty matter in cells, the component fibies of which are so firm as to give consistence to the tumour: it closely resembles a local hypertrophy of the adipose tissue, excepting that it is surrounded by a capsule; and in masses, surrounded by a spheroidal cyst: they are not formed of cells, in which the fatty matter lliey occur more frequently in the cellular, than steatomatous, or proceed from the change induced in small riironic abscesses; but they are most commonly the former when seated in this tissue.

The history of such an attack in a previously healthy man seemed to point strongly to hiemorrhage somewhere near the root of the long as the cause of the primary attack. Elbow-joint disease of nearly two years' duration, which had the clinical characteristics of Brodie'a chronic gelatinous synovitis. Abercromeie is of opinion, that in some cases the extravasation commences with the early part of the attack, and that it goes on until such a quantity has been accumulated as IS sufficient to produce fatal coma; and that in others, after the rupture h:is taken place, the ha;morrhage is stopped by the formation of a coagulum, and, after a considerable interval, bursts out afresh and is fatal.

Of Of the patients cured, the proportion of recent cases, that is, of less single exception, should be put down in the class of incurables. Those who enjoyed a personal acquaintance with him, would be the best qualified to collect soniethintT worth preservation, illustrative of his lile and professional character. Professor Lallemand has lately directed attention to an instrument which he has invented for the cure of vesico-vaginal fistulae; this con-' sists in an elastic silver catheter, furnished at one end with a hooked forceps, and which is intended to keep the edges of the fistula in contact after they have been cauterized. Bladder still weak in expulsive power.

And stock grower, keejjs a fine breed of Sinn-thorns, Poland-China swine and Morgan horses. Weight-extension was applied, and the bladder was emptied by catheter. The substance which seemed to answer the best for this purpose, was a portion of the barrel of a quill; the end which was to remain in the nose, being stopped up with a little melted sealing wax, and a small aperture cut in the side through which the air could freely pass. The patient is unable to carry a cup of tea to her mouth with that hand, without spilling some of the contents. He appealed to the State Board of Health, and the local temporary charge of the University Clinic for Women in Artillerie-strasse, vacant by Professor Schroder's death, has been given to Dr: Called attention to the operation of resection of the foot and leg, known by the names of Wladimiroff and Mikulicz (

No beard would grow on the right side of the face, but beard there was marked atrophy of the right side of the tongue and also of the palate; but he had no difficulty in swallowing. Monthlies and quarterlies its quietus. The speaker discussed the cause of this increased heat production, and stated that it was due to the mass action of the sugar molecules reacting with the living cells. Furthermore, in many respects neither Beck nor the speaker was able to confirm his account.

The heart appeared pale and flaccid; there was no blood in any of its cavities.

Exclusive of the evidence contained in the literature of inoculation experiments, the occurrence of yaws and syphilis in the same patient, the difference in the response of the two diseases to mercury, possibility of reinoculation in yaws, the localization of the disease to the tropics and below certain altitudes, the grounds afforded by our own experience on which we base our opinion are as follows: Syphilis is universally recognized as a venereal disease; the primary lesion is, in the vast majority of cases, located on the genitalia and even in the cases not contracted through sexual intercourse, in which the primary surface rougher and in no case was there the hardness sometimes present and usually considered characteristic of the syphilitic In no case did we observe any evidence or obtain any history of hereditary transmission of the disease. The stupor of typhoid fever, of typhus, pneumonia, the plague, variola, scarlatina, is set down to the account of congestion; and so is the delirium of pneumonia, of hysteria, Sleep itself has by some physiologists and physicians been ascribed to cerebral congestion. This it was impossible to remove, and I had to trust to its absorption. In the lower Primates the external semilunar cartilage was shown to be circular, while in the bat both of them are suppressed. Moreover, the man who makes a considerable donation or legacy may not unnaturally prefer that some hospital.of which he knows something should the present cost of administration of the fund. - as in the operation in the adult, it requires skill, dexterity, patience, and judgment, and the surgeon who has had some successful experience with it in the adult is, with the aid of suitable instruments, more than justified, in the face of the facts which we have presented, in resorting to it. The pia-mater was extremely congested. The towns of Blackpool, Bootle, Darwen, Leeds, Manchester, Salford, Stockport, and Warrington, are all promoting private Bills containing clauses for the protection of their inhabitants against tubercnlosis introduced by milk.

Near the center overlapping strips of adhesive were placed, making an absolutely air-tight job. Wisconsin"eugenics" law, which provides that couples intending to marry must in order to obtain a license present certificates from physicians stating that they are physically fit.

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