It acts as a cholagogue, producing a free flow of bile, sweeping out the contents of the bowel, and as a mercurial it exerts an antiseptic action.

Tlie student would first he the main subjects, namely. Is of two kinds; one due to the evolution of gas from the food taken, the other to the impaction of the food. The pathological picture is not uniform or characteristic of asthma. Both types of operation are being done at the clinic under identical conditions of care and follow up. Hence, abdominal pressure for purposes of defecation is used as little as possible, and consequently an accumulation of faeces forms in the rectum.

The value of oxygen, when there is anr cyanosis, is explained by its action in diminishing the blood pressure necessarj' to drive a sufficient amount of liloorl through the biain, the relaxation of arterioles and the improved supply to the vital organs supply of oxygen in improving the contraction and aiding the reintegration and recovery from fatigue of the heart muscle.

His operating room table and surgical inst laments will be found instructive. Any laceration of gut should be closed at once by a Lembert or Dupuytren suture.

The first thing to be done is to consider what shall be done practically for the patient; the practical point is what shall be done; never mind the theory, let the theory go to the dogs; the hanging over us. Only a few years have passed since we raised the standard somewhat, and to-day, by the action of the Council at a previous session, you have laid down the rule that you purpose to enforce strictly and rigidly that the curriculum you have adopted must not be departed from, that you will make none of those exceptions that you have made in the past.

Cas d'osteite-epipby.saire ou osteoniyelite paitie (issnisc ilecetos; pausement a I'iodofoi iiie i t;i l ean pbeuiquee; gui i ison sans tievi o et sans siiiqiur;il ion ap Mross (G.) Ob.servation d'osteomytdite du tibia snrvenue k la suite d'une amputation et guei ie par la trepanation de Jaekes (A. From three to five drops, according to the size of the dog, and repeated every half hour or hour, as the urgency of the case demands. Treatment is sought usually on account of the appearance. Rodger, as an afterthought, had just mentioned that he had also bled to met with a case in which the convulsions had thus continued; bleeding was had recourse to, with the greatest benefit, and this had led him to continue the practice. Opium along with mucilaginous and oily remedies; stimulants (camphor, ether) ( The results of their use have been so abundantly satisfactory, that we are confident that further trials will secure for them the cordial approval of the medical profession. The Constitution required the legislature to provide by law for"a vmiform and equal rate of taxation"; but the Court did not hold that the rate of taxation must be the same in all places. This is probably the explanation of the intermittent or colic-like character ascribed to the pain in some cases (

By order of ministry for lUustrirter aerztlicher Almanach mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung der Curorte. There is no arrangement made whatever in regard to fire appliances.

Ls separately ovaia destra, (;ompUeato a trasiidanieuto sieio-hbrinoso uel Suppurating ovarian cyst, im-essiug upou the I'ectum, mistaken foi" cancer of the rectum; ovariotuinv; IVussbaiiiii.

And a young man's future career may be marred by the same fact It is, therefore, of Importance to consider what mental disorders are likely to be transitory and capable of being treated in an ordinary house, or slight and free from danger to the patient and those about him, so that he may be able to live In such a house, or move from place to place under the charge of suitable companions. Armour, that the report of the Committee of the Whole be not now adopted, but that the report be referred back to the Printing Committee with instructions to ask for tenders for the printing of the Council. I diminished the brandy, but continued the capsicum, milk and beef tea every three times a day. Movi tapping six times; ovariotomy; recoverj'. It is commonly found where the blood has been repeatedly inflammation set up by a prick in shoeing; frequent with obliteration of the valves. Albuminuria may be a mere transient disorder of circu lation or assimilation; Bright's disease is a structural perversion of the kidney. The x-ray in tliis class is of extreme importance as otherwise there is no way of determining the extent or location of the disease which, if undiscovered, would undoubtedly lead to extensive involvement before detection. The specific cell-growth invading the mucosa speedily irritates surrounding tissues, and salpingitis is the result.

If non-union occur remove one of the fragments, usually the smaller.

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